Which team is better Man U or Man C?

The teams have played 189 matches in all competitions, United winning 78, City 58, and the remaining 53 having been drawn. Amongst the most successful clubs in England, they have won a combined 96 honours: 67 for Manchester United and 29 for Manchester City.
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Which team is more popular in Manchester?

Manchester City and Manchester United are popular Premier League football clubs in Greater Manchester.
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Is Manchester United the best team ever?

The most successful team in the history of English football, Manchester United have won 20 league titles, 12 FA Cups, five League Cups and three European Cups.
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Which is older Manchester City or United?

Just two years separate the existence of the two Manchester clubs, with United holding bragging rights as the oldest as they were formed in 1878, while City were established two years later.
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Who are Man City's rivals?

Although City fans currently suggest Liverpool F.C are their biggest rivals, most fans still agree that Manchester United are their main rivalry, a rivalry which has reignited in last few years due to the resurgence of Manchester City as one of the top teams in England following their brief absence from the top flight ...
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Jamie Carragher & Gary Neville DISAGREE over Man Utd 99' & Man City 23' combined XI

Is City or United more popular in Manchester?

Manchester United is located in Trafford. Both Trafford and the City of Manchester are boroughs in the city of Greater Manchester. In the city of Manchester, Manchester City has over 70% of the fans. In Greater Manchester as a whole, Manchester United has over 85% of the fans.
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Who is Liverpool's biggest rival?

The Liverpool F.C.–Manchester United F.C. rivalry, sometimes referred to as the Northwest Derby, is a high-profile inter-city rivalry between English professional football clubs Liverpool and Manchester United.
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Who has a bigger fanbase Liverpool or Man United?

Following its success in the domestic cups last season, Liverpool can now boast another accolade after topping US soccer fans' list as the most popular Premier League club. Manchester United had long been the most popular club, not only in the UK and US but also the world, but the Reds have now snatched its crown.
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Who is better Haaland or Salah?

Manchester City striker Erling Haaland tied the record for the most goals in a 38-game Premier League season after moving his tally to 32 with an early double against Leicester on Saturday. Haaland is now level with Liverpool forward Mohamed Salah, who scored 32 goals in the 2017-18 season.
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Who is the best 7 man United?

The 7 Greatest Players to Wear Manchester United's Number 7 Shirt
  • Johnny Berry. ...
  • Billy Meredith. ...
  • Cristiano Ronaldo. ...
  • Bryan Robson. ...
  • David Beckham. ...
  • Eric Cantona. ...
  • George Best.
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Why is Man United so popular?

Along with the fact that Manchester United has won 20 Premier League titles, its global popularity is also likely the result of its diverse slate of international players, such as Ji Sung Park, who played a pivotal role in the team's success in the 2000s and early 2010s.
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Who is Manchester United enemy?

Manchester United have rivalries with Arsenal, Leeds United, Liverpool, and Manchester City, against whom they contest the Manchester derby.
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Who is utd biggest rival?

Who is Manchester United's biggest rival? Liverpool FC has always been Manchester United's main rival. The proximity between the two cities and the long industrial story has helped to exacerbate the hate between the fanbases over the years.
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How popular is Manchester United?

Manchester United is without a doubt one of the most followed teams in world football, the statement released by the Glazers on Monday referenced the often quoted 1.1bn global followers – which they claim makes Manchester United the most popular sporting team on the planet.
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Which UK football team has the most fans?

1. Manchester United. Of course, the Premier League team with the largest, widest-reaching fan base is Manchester United. In 2012 the Telegraph reported that, according to a survey, United had doubled their fan base during a five-year period—amassing an incredible 659 million fans.
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Where are the most Man Utd fans?

Almost 90 per cent of United's fans are now in emerging markets, with 325 million alone in Asia - twice as many as Barcelona in the region, United claims in the findings produced by market research firm Kantar.
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Which man has most fans?

Cristiano Ronaldo is the most-followed person, man, athlete, footballer and European on Instagram, with over 579 million followers. Lionel Messi is the most-followed South American on Instagram, with over 457 million followers.
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What is Manchester United's biggest loss?

Man United's biggest loss of all time is 7-0. They have suffered a 7-0 defeat on four occasions, to Blackburn Rovers on 10 April 1926, to Aston Villa on 27 December 1930, to Wolves on 26 December 1931 and to Liverpool on 5 March 2023. These games all represent Man Utd's biggest ever league defeats.
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Who is Chelsea's biggest enemy?

- West Ham United. These London Clubs are literally known as Chelsea's biggest rivals because they are all from the same city.
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What is Manchester United's biggest win?

The record score for the biggest win is 9–0, which has happened on four occasions. The first was Manchester United beating Ipswich Town at Old Trafford on 4 March 1995, the second being Leicester City beating Southampton F.C.
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Who supports Manchester United?

Julia Roberts, Floyd Mayweather and more American celebrities who support Manchester United. Manchester United is one of the most well-supported football clubs in the world.
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Why choose Manchester over London?

Both London and Manchester are cities rich in history, culture, and arts. Whilst London has long been renowned for its abundance of job opportunities and culture, Manchester's cheaper living costs and thriving job market are very favourable.
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Is Manchester red or blue?

It may not be the most scientific study but taken in conjunction with other findings, anecdotal and otherwise, (Man United fans don't come from Manchester and other myths), it suggests that, according to the best available evidence, Manchester is Red by a factor of almost two to one.
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