Which sponsors pull out of Chelsea?

Three, Nike, Hyundai and Trivago positions on Roman Abramovich. CHELSEA are haemorrhaging money and sponsors after the UK government imposed sanctions on Roman Abramovich. The Blues owner has also been barred by the Premier League from continuing as a director.
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Which sponsor dropped Chelsea?

Chelsea Football Club is to withdraw from its £20m, four-year sponsorship deal with airline Emirates at the end of its contract next year as the club prepares to launch a global brand initiative.
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Have three stopped sponsoring Chelsea?

Three sought to have its logo removed from all Chelsea assets, a move that was only partially possible, before resuming its sponsorship and marketing activities in June 2022.
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Did Chelsea lose their sponsors?

Report: Chelsea lose another sponsor just months after agreeing a £20m-per-year deal. Crypto trading company Amber Group have decided to cut their sponsorship deal with Chelsea.
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Has Nike pulled out of Chelsea?

Nike WILL 'remain committed to Chelsea and not pull the plug on their £900m deal' amid Roman Abramovich sanctions, after shirt sponsors Three suspended relations with crisis-hit Premier League side.
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Does Adidas support Chelsea?

English super-club Chelsea FC have officially announced the much talked about shirt sponsorship deal with sportswear giant Nike. Chelsea will start wearing the new kit from the 2017-18 season after ending a decade long association with Adidas.
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Is Hyundai still sponsoring Chelsea?

WhaleFin replaces Hyundai as the Premier League club's sleeve sponsor.
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Who is Chelsea's main sponsor?

Three is proud to be Chelsea Football Club's principal shirt sponsor and key partner. Three has kept us all connected both on and off the pitch.
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Why can t Abramovich sell Chelsea?

Sanctions and travel restrictions were placed on Abramovich, his assets were frozen, and Chelsea was allowed to operate only under the terms of a government-issued license until the end of May. New match tickets couldn't be sold by Chelsea.
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Why are Chelsea still wearing sponsors?

Chelsea continue to wear the Three logo on their matchday shirts because the sanctions imposed on the club by the UK government forbid them from printing new kits.
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How many sponsors does Chelsea have?

Just prior to Abramovich being sanctioned by the British government, Chelsea laid claim to no less than 20 sponsors over a number of different tiers. According to the club's website, their three main sponsors - which are labelled as “Principal Partners” - are Nike, telecoms company Three and the hotel website Trivago.
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Who is the new sponsor of Chelsea 23 24?

Chelsea 2023-24 Kit Predictions With New Main Sponsor

Based on the rumors, we have updated our Nike Chelsea 2023-24 kit renders with the Allianz logo.
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Who has been sent off for Chelsea?

Félix become the 22nd player to be sent off in their first game in the league, and the 13th to have received their marching orders as a result of a straight red card. Other notable players to have been dismissed on their debut are former Arsenal duo Gervinho and Laurent Koscielny.
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Did Emirates ever sponsor Chelsea?

It was the second Gulf-based airline to sponsor Chelsea, following Gulf Air. Chelsea chairman Ken Bates signed a four-year deal worth £24m with the airline in January 2001, with Emirates replacing Autoglass from the start of the 2001-02 season. At the time it was the second biggest sponsorship deal in English football.
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Why is Chelsea forced to be sold?

In an unprecedented ruling against a club owner, the Premier League ordered Roman Abramovich on Saturday to stop running Chelsea and sell up after he was sanctioned by the British government over Russia's war on Ukraine and his close links to President Vladimir Putin.
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Is Abramovich forced to sell Chelsea?

Almost nobody in football had heard of Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich before he acquired Chelsea in 2003, but he became the most successful and controversial Premier League owner of the last two decades before the U.K. government forced him to sell the club because of his links with Russia president Vladimir Putin.
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Where does the money go if Abramovich sells Chelsea?

The money for the sale of the club has been frozen because Abramovich is one of the oligarchs who were sanctioned by the British government following Russia's invasion. He was only allowed to sell the club on the basis that the money would all go to charity and that he would have no control over how it was spent.
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Why isn t Abramovich allowed in UK?

Among the reasons for sanctioning Abramovich, Britain said he had destabilised Ukraine through his "effective control" of Evraz which, it said, may have supplied steel to the Russian military which may have been used in the production of tanks.
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Who gets the money if Chelsea is sold?

Russian oligarch Abramovich sold Chelsea to a consortium led by Todd Boehly for a fee of £4.25 billion back in May of 2022, with the funds raised from the sale pledged to go to helping provide relief to Ukraine amid their war with Russia.
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How long will 3 sponsor Chelsea?

The three-year £120million sponsorship deal between Chelsea and Three, which started in 2020, expires at the end of this season. The Telegraph claims that the deal is not set to be extended, which means the Blues will have a new principal shirt sponsor starting next season.
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Who are the favorites to buy Chelsea?

Top 3 contenders who could buy Chelsea FC
  • Sir Jit Ratcliffe. Britain's richest man has expressed his desire to own Stamford Bridge. ...
  • Todd Boehly. US tycoon has made an attempt before in 2019 to own the Chelsea FC but had two bids turned down previously. ...
  • Conor McGregor.
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Is Trivago still sponsoring Chelsea?

Chelsea training kit sponsor Trivago has announced it will “support the club” and continue its deal, in the wake of the sanctions levied on owner Roman Abramovich.
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Is Trivago Chelsea new sponsor?

Chelsea today announced that they've agreed a deal with Trivago, the global hotel and accomodation search engine, to become the club's new training shirt sponsor. The new Chelsea 21-22 training kits were also unveiled on the occasion.
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Can Chelsea FC still be sold?

However, as per Matt Law, Chelsea can still be sold if Abramovich is willing to allow the government to take over the sale process. The club have been given a special licence to continue with football related activities but the sale effectively bars the sale of the club following Roman Abramovich's sanctioning.
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