Which club has more fans in La Liga?

The answer is Real Madrid!
Like in 2022, the most successful in the world, 14-time Champions League winner, Real Madrid is the most followed club in La Liga, and all over the world. The 2nd most popular club in La Liga is Barcelona, like in 2022.
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Who has more fans Real Madrid or Barcelona?

In Spain, Real Madrid still lead the fan count, with 6.8 million to Barcelona's 5.5 million. But in Europe, Real Madrid have, for some reason, lost 10 million fans in a year, hence why they're such a distant second to Barcelona as far as fans in Europe are concerned.
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How many fans does Real Madrid have?

The world's #1 sports franchise, the Spanish football club boasts more than 450 million fans across the globe and is known for its domination on the field. Since its founding in 1902, Real Madrid has won 116 official trophies, 11 European Cups, and a FIFA Club World Cup.
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Which country has most Barcelona fans?

The countries with the most Barça fans are Indonesia, Mexico and Brazil followed by Egypt, India and the United States.
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Which country has most Real Madrid fans?

1. Brazil - 2,940 appearances. The nation with the most players at 30 registered and 26 to play in a Los Blancos shirt, Brazil and Real Madrid have long had a link.
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Barcelona celebrate La Liga victory with thousands of fans in open-top bus parade

Which country have most Real Madrid fans?

Real Madrid's fan clubs worldwide 2021/2022, by region

In the 2021/2022, Real Madrid CF had nearly 2.5 thousand fan clubs worldwide, the majority of which were located in Spain.
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Who has more fans Real Madrid or Manchester United?

The Global Football Monitor shows that Real generates the highest levels of interest around the world with a potential global fan base of around 490 million, compared to Manchester United's 350 million.
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Who has the largest fan base in Spain?

The answer is Real Madrid!

Like in 2022, the most successful in the world, 14-time Champions League winner, Real Madrid is the most followed club in La Liga, and all over the world.
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What are Juventus fans called?

I gobbi (the hunchbacks) is the nickname that is used to define Juventus supporters, but is also used sometimes for team's players. The most widely accepted origin of gobbi dates to the fifties, when the bianconeri wore a large jersey.
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Who is better Real Madrid or Barcelona?

Of the 250 competitive matches, Real Madrid have won the most, with 101 wins to Barca's 97 (and 52 draws). Barcelona have more wins in exhibition matches with 20 to Madrid's four (and 10 draws). In total matches, Barcelona lead the way with 116 wins to Madrid's 105 (and 62 draws).
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Is La Liga bigger than EPL?

La Liga receives an amazing global viewership, with over 180 countries receiving a global audience of over 650 million viewers. However, the EPL dominates every European rival and football contest.
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Who are the favorites for La Liga?

Spanish La Liga Primera WinnerView all odds
  • Barcelona1/100.
  • Atletico Madrid150/1.
  • Real Madrid150/1.
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Is Barca bigger than Real Madrid?

Real Madrid Tops Barcelona as World's Biggest Club, Per France Football. Spain's football powers have been crowned kings of the sport after Real Madrid were named the biggest club in the world followed closely by bitter rivals Barcelona.
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Is Real Madrid popular in USA?

The study revealed that Barcelona are the most popular soccer club in the US ahead of Real Madrid. No other Spanish clubs made the top 10, which contained six Premier League teams, explaining the league's overall popularity.
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Is Madrid or Barcelona more party?

Both have a variety of nightclubs to choose from and plenty of culture to enjoy during the daytime. If you're a fan of large venues or like to be able to move around the city, then it may be the case that Madrid will be more your place.
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Who has the strongest fan base?

Top 10 most powerful fandoms in the world ranked
  1. BTS- ARMY.
  2. Taylor Swift Fans- Swifties. ...
  3. One Direction-Directioners. ...
  4. F.R.I.E.N.D.S- The friend zone. ...
  5. Naruto Fandom- Narutards. ...
  6. Harry Potter's- Potterheads. ...
  7. Marvel Universe-Marvelites. ...
  8. Star Wars Fandom Warsies. ...
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Who is the No 1 fan base in world?

Which is the largest fandom in the world? If we talk about numbers, BTS fans are currently the largest fandom in the world.
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Which sport has the richest fan base?

The NHL audience is the richest of all professional sports. One-third of its viewers make more than $100k, compared to about 19 percent of the general population.
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Which club defeat Real Madrid most?

Espanyol 8-1 Real Madrid (1930)

This is the biggest defeat that Real Madrid has ever suffered in its history, and it came from their Catalan rivals Espanyol. The match was played at Sarria Stadium in Barcelona, and Espanyol dominated from start to finish.
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How big is Man City's fanbase?

Manchester City - 87.6million follows

Their 41.2m Facebook followers is only bettered by Manchester United and Chelsea in the Premier League, while they beat the Blues on YouTube and have the same number of followers as them on Tiktok - some 4.9m people.
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Which Manchester team is more popular?

Manchester United can safely claim to have the most fans out of the two main Manchester teams, having established a truly global brand thanks to the success achieved by Ferguson's teams in the 1990s and 2000s.
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Who are Real Madrid biggest enemies?

Being one of the three founding members of La Liga that have never been relegated from the top division since its inception in 1929 (along with Athletic Bilbao and Barcelona), Real Madrid holds many long-standing rivalries, most notably El Clásico with Barcelona and El Derbi Madrileño with Atlético Madrid.
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Who is the most loved player in Real Madrid?

Cristiano Ronaldo

No one has ever played at 100% of their physical capacity quite as often as Cristiano Ronaldo. No one has ever had his blend of physicality, speed, touch and movement – and no one has ever scored more goals. For Real Madrid, or for anyone.
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Who is the biggest star of Real Madrid?

Raúl is Real Madrid's most-capped player with 741 appearances for the club. With 180 caps, Sergio Ramos made the most international appearances as a Real Madrid player. Luís Figo became the first Real Madrid footballer to win the FIFA World Player of the Year in 2001.
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