Which celebrity did Adidas stop collaboration with?

Adidas, burnt by Kanye West split, seeks a new focus | Reuters.
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Who just got dropped from Adidas?

Adidas has ended its partnership with the rapper formerly known as Kanye West over his offensive and antisemitic remarks, the latest company to cut ties with Ye and a decision that the German sportswear company said would hit its bottom line.
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Who did Adidas cancel?

After a thorough review, the company has taken the decision to terminate the partnership with Ye immediately, end production of Yeezy branded products and stop all payments to Ye and his companies. adidas will stop the adidas Yeezy business with immediate effect.
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What celebrities are partners with Adidas?

Over the past several years, it's worked with athletes including Lionel Messi, Damian Lillard, James Harden, Billie Jean King and Candace Parker. More recently, it's courted collaborators from other sectors, like music and film, inking collaborations with Pharrell, Bad Bunny and Rita Ora.
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Who left Adidas?

Adidas' decision to cut ties with Kanye West may have been socially correct, but the abrupt manner of the break up has left the German company out hundreds of millions—and with a slew of useless shoes.
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Adidas Ends Partnership With Kanye West

Did Adidas turn down Michael Jordan?

The company's German executives allegedly shot down a potential sponsorship deal with Jordan, believing he was too short to convey the image they wanted to project. Welp. At least this decision won't haunt every waking hour of all Adidas employees involved in the snub.
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Does Adidas still have Kanye?

Adidas terminated its partnership with Kanye West in October of 2022.
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Why did Adidas split with Yeezy?

Adidas split with Ye in October, following other brands that were facing pressure to end ties with the rapper over his antisemitic and other offensive remarks.
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Did Adidas take Kanye back?

Adidas reports a $540M loss, in part because of unsold Yeezy products In October, Adidas cut ties with Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, over the rapper's antisemitic remarks. The company's inability to sell his popular Yeezy line of shoes helped batter earnings.
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Did Gucci collaborate with Adidas?

adidas x Gucci's Second Collection Has Arrived

adidas and Gucci know that you can't have too much of a good thing, which is why they're back together for a second collaborative drop. adidas x Gucci first launched in 2022 and with round two coming in 2023, perhaps it's a sign that this collection will be a yearly thing.
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Why did Adidas refuse Jordan?

Turns out, Jordan's marriage to Nike almost didn't happen. Back in 1984 when he was about to enter the NBA, Jordan originally wanted to sign with Adidas, the Wall-Street Journal reported, but the German company turned him down because he wasn't tall enough. The 6-foot-6 Jordan spent his NBA career as a shooting guard.
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Did Adidas stop selling Yeezy?

Adidas says it stopped production of Yeezy products as well as payments to Ye and his companies back in October — adding that the German company does not tolerate antisemitism or other types of hate speech.
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Who will Adidas replace Kanye?

Adidas AG on Tuesday confirmed that Bjorn Gulden, the outgoing chief executive officer of rival Puma SE, will succeed Kasper Rorsted at the helm of the sportswear giant. His first task: Fill the €1.8 billion ($1.8 billion) hole left by the end of Adidas's longstanding tie-up with disgraced musician Kanye West.
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Why are rappers boycotting Adidas?

People are calling for Adidas to end its working relationship with Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, in response to the numerous offensive and antisemitic remarks the rapper has made in recent weeks.
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Does Adidas own Yeezy?

Adidas Yeezy (or just Yeezy) was a fashion collaboration between American rapper, designer and entrepreneur Kanye West and German sportswear company Adidas. It offered sneakers in limited edition colorways, as well as shirts, jackets, track pants, socks, slides, lingerie and slippers.
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What is Adidas accused of doing?

Rolling Stone has reported that it spoke to more than two dozen former Yeezy and Adidas workers and obtained a letter from several former Yeezy employees to the sportswear company alleging that Ye created a toxic work environment by showing sexual photos and videos in meetings, making vulgar comments and bullying the ...
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Who owns Adidas?

Since Horst Dassler, the son of Adolf Dassler, passed away in 1987, adidas was sold and is no longer family-owned. Instead, Adidas is now owned by Adidas AG, a multinational corporate group owned by several shareholders.
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Who is the CEO of Adidas Kanye?

Adidas chief executive Bjorn Gulden said the loss of Yeezy is "of course hurting us". The company scrapped its tie-up with West in October last year following the rapper's anti-Semitic comments. At the time, the firm said: "Adidas does not tolerate antisemitism and any other sort of hate speech."
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Did Ye and Adidas reach a deal?

Sportswear giant Adidas is said to have reached a new agreement with rapper-turned-designer Ye, formerly Kanye West, following the termination of its partnership with Yeezy.
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Why can t you buy Yeezy from Adidas?

Adidas ADDYY, -3.19% last year ended its partnership with West, who now goes by Ye, after he made a string of antisemitic remarks, and the shoe-maker said it would stop making Yeezy-brand products.
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Why is it called Yeezy?

What Does Yeezy Mean? Inspired by his mentor Jay-Z, who gave himself the name J-Hov (or Hov), derived from Jehovah, the Hebrew name for God, Kanye West chose the name of “Yeezus” to instate himself as a high level “God” of rap.
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What is Adidas net worth?

Interactive chart of historical net worth (market cap) for Adidas AG (ADDYY) over the last 10 years. How much a company is worth is typically represented by its market capitalization, or the current stock price multiplied by the number of shares outstanding. Adidas AG net worth as of May 19, 2023 is $34.06B.
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Will Yeezys be sold again?

It's Official: adidas Is Selling YEEZY Footwear Again.
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Are people still buying Yeezys?

Yeezy is currently a top-three sneaker brand for Impossible Kicks, which operates 17 US locations and surpassed $50 million in sales in 2022. "We sell about 30,000 sneakers in total every month. Probably 6,000 to 7,000 of those right now are Yeezys," Mocadlo told CNN Business.
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How is Adidas doing after Kanye?

The Yeezy split has been financially brutal for both Adidas and West, with Gulden admitting in a statement that it is “of course hurting us.” Adidas reported hundreds of millions in lost sales since ending the partnership, and the split could dent earnings by about $549 million in 2023 if the company doesn't sell the ...
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