What was the trick Gerrard played with intruder?

Gerrard push him in the almira and locked him. How did gerred tackle the intruder ? Gerred confused intruder is conversation and gave push to intruder and locked him in cupboard ran outside from door. Attention Class 9 Students!
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How did Gerrard trick the intruder?

The intruder leaned forward to inspect it with his sight (eye-sight) towards Gerrard but with his revolver ready. As turned his head, Gerrard gave him a push and trapped him in the cupboard.
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How did Gerrard outsmart the intruder in the play If I Were You?

He offered his help to save the intruder from police. He asked him to follow him towards garage. While on the way to the garage, Gerrard pushed the intruder into a cupboard and locked him inside. Thus he got rid of him.
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What was Gerrard doing when the intruder entered?

When the intruder got into the cottage, Gerrard was talking to someone on his phone. He was standing near divan and was packing things in a travelling bag. The intruder was of medium height.
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How did Gerrard convince the intruder that he was not lying?

Answer: Explanation: When the intruder tried to kill him and stay as an imposter, Gerrard said it was a foolish idea, and better plans can be worked out from saving the person from police arrest. He locked the person in the room and went out so that the police could not find him.
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What was Gerrard trying to ask the intruder why was he doing so?

Ans: Gerrard asked the intruder if he were an American as he had called him a 'wise guy'. The guy is a colloquial American expression for a man. Hence, the usage of this word by the intruder made Gerrard ask him this question.
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What did Gerrard tell the intruder about himself why or why not?

Gerrard told the Intruder that he lived alone in the lonely cottage (in Essex). Few people know about him and visit him. He is like a mystery man like the Intruder.
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What surprise did the intruder give to Gerrard Why was it threatening?

Answer. The intruder surprises Gerrard by stealthily breaking into his house. This was threatening in nature because he planned to murder Gerrard and impersonate as him.
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Why does the intruder say they can't hang me twice?

The speaker says it because he wants to murder Gerrard. And he has already murdered someone. So the police cannot hang him twice. Was this answer helpful?
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How did it help him to outwit and trap the intruder?

How did it help him outwit and trap the intruder? Ans. Gerrard was packing a bag in the beginning of the play as he had to deliver some props to some theatrical company for rehearsal. When the intruder broke into his cottage and threatened to kill him and steal his identity, Gerrard did not lose his cool.
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Why did Gerrard say that the intruder was luckier?

Answer: Gerrard said that the intruder did not understand his remark when he said that the intruder was luckier than most melodramatic villains. He added that he was not praising the intruder's intelligence but he wanted to say that the intruder would not kill him until he had a major reason to do so.
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Why did intruder break into Gerrard's Cottage?

The Intruder entered Gerrard's cottage because he wanted to kill him and take his identity because he was Gerrard's look alike. He wanted to escape from the cops as he was a jewel robber and a murderer on run.
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Who was more intelligent or the intruder?

Gerrard is more intelligent becoz he did not get trap in intruder's plan. With the help of his quick and clever thinking he got rid of intruder and trapped intruder in his own plan. This shows that quick and clever thinking is the solution of every problem. Gerrard is smarter then the Intruder.
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Why does the intruder ask if people come out there?

The intruder wants personal details from Gerrard like whether in the lives alone, what his Christian name is, whether he has a car and whether people visit him. All this he wants to know.
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Why did the intruder not disclose his name?

So in order to hide his own identity he wanted to impersonate in some other person's identity. Since intruder was in similar build like that of Gerrard, the thought of killing him and taking his place struck intruder's mind and he went to kill hi .
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What did the intruder stand to gain after killing Gerrard?

So, the Intruder thought if he killed Gerrard and took on his identity, he would not get caught. He would gain his freedom and would be free to go places.
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What was the big surprise of the intruder?

(ii) The intruder's surprise is his plan to kill Gerrard and take on his identity to lead a secure and hassle-free life. Whereas, Gerrard's surprise is his fictitious identity, his way of refraining the intruder from killing him.
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What saved Gerrard from the intruders plan?

Ans: The surprise was the plan of the intruder to kill Gerrard and copy his identity in order to lead a secure life whereas on the other hand, Gerrard's secret was the fictitious identity so that he could refrain himself from getting killed by the intruder. II.
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Why does the intruder think that Gerrard is showing his smartness?

The Intruder thought that Gerrard was being 'smart' or clever and facetious because he did not show any fear at the sight of an armed man enter his house and threaten him. On the contrary, he was giving the Intruder smart answers to his questions.
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What did Gerrard tell the intruder about himself was he telling the truth?

1 Answer. Gerrard tells the intruder that he, too, is a criminal like him. He says that once things went wrong with him. He had to use bullets.
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Who is the most intelligent human in history?

To those who knew of his son, William James Sidis was quite possibly the smartest man who ever lived. Born in Boston in 1898, William James Sidis made the headlines in the early 20th century as a child prodigy with an amazing intellect. His IQ was estimated to be 50 to 100 points higher than Albert Einstein's.
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Who is the most intelligent human in the world?

Isaac Newton — a mathematician, physicist, inventor, economist, and theologian — was the smartest person ever to have lived. His unparalleled brilliance, however, came at a very steep cost.
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Who is the smartest intelligent kid?

William James Sidis—The smartest man who ever lived

At eight years old, William James Sidis proved his mathematics giftedness by developing a new logarithm table based on the number 12 and gave a lecture at Harvard University a year later.
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What does I said it with bullets mean?

(ii) The line "I said it with bullets" implies that Gerrard had previously used a gun to escape by shooting someone. (iii) No, that is not right. This is said by the speaker to deceive the intruder, who is armed with a pistol.
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What does poor hunted rat mean?

Answer: The Intruder describes himself as 'a poor hunted rat' because he is being chased by the police for having killed a cop and he has to keep dodging them to escape punishment. He feels he is like a rat being chased by a cat.
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