What record does Chelsea Lampard hold?

He is widely regarded as one of Chelsea's greatest players ever, and one of the greatest midfielders of his generation. He has the record of the most goals by a midfielder in the Premier League and of scoring the most goals from outside the box (41).
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What records does Frank Lampard hold?

Lampard's record as a Chelsea player speaks for itself. His 211 goals is a club record and he is regarded as one of the greatest players in the west London side's history.
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How many games has Lampard lost?

He has also won just one of his last 19 as a manager, with the Chelsea legend struggling to find a positive result as boss. In another damning stat, since joining Everton in February 2022, no manager has lost more games than the 24 Lampard has.
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How many games has Frank Lampard lost for Chelsea?

The former England international has lost all 10 matches he's taken charge of in 2023 – four at Everton, six at Chelsea – which has brought his coaching ability under sharp scrutiny.
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Who is the greatest Chelsea legend?

For over two decades, the club has hosted unforgettable Chelsea legends tours featuring the biggest Chelsea legends such as Peter Osgood, Ron Harris, Kerry Dixon, Roy Bentley, Gianfranco Zola, Carlo Cudicini and many more.
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Frank Lampard after breaking Chelsea's goalscoring record

Have Chelsea lost 3 times in a row?

STAT ATTACK: Chelsea have lost three league games in a row for the first time since October 1999.
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How many goals did Chelsea score under Lampard?

In his thirteen years with the club, Lampard established himself as a prolific scorer from midfield, becoming Chelsea's all-time leading goalscorer, with 211 goals scored in all competitions.
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When was the last time Chelsea lost 4 in a row?

The Blues also had a poor pre-season two years later in 2012. Coming off the back of their Champions League and FA Cup triumphs, Roberto Di Matteo's men beat Seattle Sounders 4-2, but then drew 1-1 with PSG and lost four in a row once again.
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Has Arsenal ever lost 4 games in a row?

Their record for consecutive defeats in the Premier League is four in a row, which they have done twice - Dec 1992 and Mar 1995. Sakanell!
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Why did Lampard goal not count?

In the 38th minute, 53 seconds after Matthew Upson had scored for England, Frank Lampard shot the ball and it hit the underside of the crossbar, resulting in it crossing the line into the goal but bouncing back into the field of play due to backspin (without hitting the net).
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Does Frank Lampard have a high IQ?

Footballers are not known for their intelligence, but Frank Lampard is not your average footballer. Rumours that Frank Lampard is a genius began in 2009 when the results of his IQ test emerged. The Chelsea legend's score was reported to be over 150, placing him in the top 0.1 percent of people in the United Kingdom.
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Who is Chelsea highest scoring?

Frank Lampard is Chelsea's record goalscorer, scoring 211 goals in total.
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Has Chelsea ever beat Arsenal 6 0?

On 22 March 2014, in Arsène Wenger's 1,000th game in charge, Chelsea won 6–0. This marked the most goals Chelsea had scored against Arsenal, Chelsea's biggest margin of victory against Arsenal and the joint heaviest margin of defeat suffered by Wenger at Arsenal.
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Who only conceded 15 goals for Chelsea?

José Mourinho's Chelsea only conceded 15 goals the entire Premier League season. However, six of the 15 were a penalty, a deflection an own goal and three long range shots. They were nonpareil defensively.
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What is the biggest Chelsea wins?

What is Chelsea's biggest ever win in history? Chelsea's biggest ever win is 13-0. They beat Jeunesse Hautcharage 13-0 in the Cup Winners' Cup on 29 September 1971. Chelsea won the first-leg 8-0 away from home, and the 21-0 aggregate score is a record for a European tie.
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Who did Chelsea beat 6 1?

Coverage of the Premier League clash between Chelsea and Manchester City. Seven years ago today, Chelsea scored six unanswered goals against Manchester City at Stamford Bridge.
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Have Chelsea ever beaten Liverpool?

Liverpool Fixture

In the Anfield, the two teams played a total of 15 games before, of which Chelsea won 4, Liverpool won 3 and the two teams drew 8. In the ENG Premier League, the two teams played a total of 23 games before, of which Chelsea won 5, Liverpool won 7 and the two teams drew 11.
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Who is Chelsea best striker ever?

Didier Drogba

In his time at the club, Chelsea won the Premier League and FA Cup four times, and their only Champions League victory. Drogba led the line with powerful play and 164 goals during his time in London.
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Who is better Lampard or Terry?

Whilst Lampard is a far superior role model, Terry is a rare breed of footballer in the modern game: a one-club man. That loyalty and the passion behind it give him the edge in what is the closest call of any debate amongst Chelsea fans.
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Who is the best defender in Chelsea history?

#1 John Terry

The unchallenged best defender in the history of the great English club, John Terry, sits pretty atop the list. Having risen through the ranks of the club's academy and subsequently proven his mettle at Nottingham Forest, Terry joined Chelsea's senior team in 2000.
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