What is the most expensive Super Bowl ring to make?

The most expensive Super Bowl ring sold at auction was Lawrence Taylor's 1990 ring from his championship with the New York Giants, going for $230,401 in 2012.
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How much does the NFL championship ring cost?

The NFL contributes from $5,000 to $7,000 per ring for up to 150 rings per team, with any additional costs being borne by the team. The final cost usually comes in at between $30k and $50k per ring. Several high-profile players have sold their rings, either through necessity or for charity.
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What ring do Super Bowl losers get?

Super Bowl losers still get a ring honoring them as champions of their respective conference, the AFC or NFC. The ring designs vary from year to year (last year the Bengals got AFC Championship rings that looked like this), and they are customized to the player, including their name and jersey number.
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How much is a Super Bowl ring worth today?

The NFL stumps up between $5,000 and $7,000 per ring to give to teams, but rings often cost more than that price tag. Each ring is custom built by the winning team, with various styles and gemstones used, usually incorporating the colours, name and logo of the team.
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How much is the 2023 Super Bowl ring worth?

If history is any indication, you can expect for each 2023 Super Bowl ring to cost between $30-50K, made after the winner is determined.
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I Made Super Bowl Style Rings Worth $70,000

How much is Tom Brady ring worth?

First of all, if we make the addition of all 7 rings, they are all worth an estimated $245,000. That is only $100,000 more than Gisele Bündchen's single engagement ring. However, Tom Brady is the one who has those rings in his possession.
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Do janitors get Super Bowl rings?

(Those, however, can be of a “lesser value” should the team owners prefer.) And, of course, the owners can offer rings to anyone else they want on the team, from janitors to cheerleaders.
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Do Waterboys get Super Bowl rings?

The Average NFL Waterboy Gets Paid More Than You, And If Their Team Wins The Super Bowl – They Get A Ring. I'm not sure which rabbit hole I was going down when I learned this information. But when a team wins the Super Bowl, the members of the staff usually all get a ring, too.
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How much do Super Bowl refs get paid?

Money.com reported back in 2018 that officials would likely make roughly $40,000, with a range between $30,000 and $50,000. MORE: How much money do NFL players make for winning Super Bowl in 2023?
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Can anyone buy a Super Bowl ring?

It's not uncommon for former players to put their rings up for auction. In fact, there's a whole website dedicated to people selling rings, but it'll cost you a pretty penny. The most expensive Super Bowl ring ever sold at auction actually belongs not to a player, but an owner.
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Do Super Bowl losers get paid?

But regardless of whether the Kansas City Chiefs or Philadelphia Eagles take the title, their players are getting paid. Based on the NFL's collective bargaining agreement, players on the winning team in Super Bowl LVII will receive $157,000 apiece. Players on the losing team receive $82,000 per player.
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Do inactive players get a Super Bowl ring?

The winning team can typically present any number of rings to whomever they choose, including usually, but not limited to: players (active roster, inactive roster, or injured reserve), coaches, trainers, executives, personnel, and general club staff.
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How much do Super Bowl halftime performers get paid?

In fact, there is no pay day at all. While it may come as a surprise to some, the truth is that Super Bowl halftime show performers don't get paid for their concerts. Instead, the NFL pays for all expenses associated with putting on the halftime show, including travel costs.
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How much money do Super Bowl players get paid for playing in the game?

A player gets $82,000 for playing in the game but not winning. The $153,000 one receives for winning includes the $82,000 that is earned for simply playing in the game. The difference between winning and losing the Super Bowl is nearly twice the rookie minimum per-game salary from the 2022 NFL season.
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Do teams pay for championship rings?

Championship rings are distributed by and paid for by the winning team (although some leagues may partially subsidize the cost), in contrast to medals which are awarded and paid for by the league or competition governing body. Championship rings have long been part of North American sports lexicon.
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How much is a Stanley Cup ring worth?

Each ring usually costs between $20,000 to $25,000.
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Who is the highest paid NFL player?

Lamar Jackson finally has his deal with the Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens and Jackson have agreed to terms on a five-year $260 million contract making him the highest-paid player in the NFL averaging $52 million-per-year.
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How much does a head NFL ref make per game?

To be clear, if we use the aforementioned 2019 report, NFL referees receive approximately $12,000 per regular season game.
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Do NFL referees have other jobs?

For the majority of officials, being a referee is only their side job. Primary Occupation: Civil litigator at a Phoenix law firm. FYI: He's run 12 marathons and is known to have the build of a pro-athlete himself—Hochuli is 6'1 and 215 pounds.
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Do NFL players get their own hotel room?

The marquee players will get their own rooms, and some of them might even get something really plush. But for rookies and lesser known players, they will have to bunk up with a teammate. Imagine your own work colleagues. How many of them would you like to share a Holiday Inn double room with?
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How much do Super Bowl 57 players get paid?

Each player on the winning team in Super Bowl 57 gets paid $157,000.
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Who keeps the Super Bowl trophy?

After a team wins the Super Bowl, the Lombardi Trophy permanently remains with the organization that won it. It would be very difficult, in practical terms, for every coach, player and organizational support staff member to take turns sharing an individual trophy.
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Who paid the most for Super Bowl commercials?

Most expensive Super Bowl ads 2021

Google's "Loretta" and Amazon's "Before Alexa" Super Bowl 2020 ads tied as most expensive Super Bowl commercials ever as of January 2021, with a cost of 16.8 U.S. million dollars.
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How much does a water boy in the NFL make?

NFL waterboys typically make between $53,000 and $58,000 per year. However, not every waterboy you see on TV is paid. Many waterboys and assistants are unpaid or are working at a discounted rate on an internship for high school or college.
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How much does Rams Super Bowl ring cost?

(KABC) -- Rams players were fitted for their Super Bowl championship rings Tuesday at the team's training facility in Thousand Oaks. The NFL contributed about $7,000 per ring for up to 150 pieces of jewelry, with the final cost for each one coming in at between $30,000 and $50,000.
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