What is a clean card in soccer?

Like most of the strange phrases in soccer, a clean sheet is nothing like how it sounds! A clean sheet is when a team doesn't concede any goals in a game. It is a statistic that is commonly used to judge goalkeepers and defenders but is also a generally impressive achievement for every player on the team.
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What qualifies as a clean sheet?

If a team does not concede a goal throughout the duration of a football match, they are said to have kept a clean sheet in football. The clean sheet is merited to the goalkeeper's performance as well as the solid job done by the defenders of the entire team.
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Why is it called a clean sheet in football?

It was named a clean sheet because the scoresheet would be a piece of paper, with the scorers keeping track of the score on that piece of paper.
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What is a clean sheet in Premier League soccer?

In association football, a goalkeeper is said to "keep a clean sheet" if they prevent their opponents scoring any goals during an entire match. Since the Premier League's formation at the start of the 1992–93 season, 16 goalkeepers have managed to keep 100 or more clean sheets in the Premier League.
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Is 0-0 a clean sheet?

Yes, a 0-0 game is a clean sheet for both teams, as neither team has conceded any goals during the match.
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Do you know what is 'keep a clean sheet' in sports?

Is 00 a clean sheet?

A soccer game that finishes 0-0 is a clean sheet for both teams. A clean sheet doesn't mean that no goals were scored during a game, but it means that at least one team has prevented the opposition from scoring a goal during the game.
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Is 1 0 a cleansheet?

The term clean sheet in footballing terms means to make it through a match without conceding a goal. From a betting perspective the clean sheet market, like most markets, exclude extra time. If a team wins a game 1-0, they have kept a clean sheet.
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What is the longest clean sheet in Premier League?

In 2005, the inaugural Premier League Golden Glove was awarded to Petr Čech of Chelsea. Čech's 24 clean sheets in a single season remains the current record.
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What is dirty work in football?

in football, to work hard defending, not attacking an opponent's goal: A player like Young, who does all the dirty work, allows the rest of the midfield to press higher up the pitch.
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Who is the most clean sheet in football?

1. Allison Becker (Liverpool, Brazil) – 29 clean sheets.
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What is it called when a team doesn't score?

In team sports, a shutout (US) or clean sheet (UK) is a game in which the losing team scores zero points. While possible in most major sports, they are highly improbable in some sports, such as basketball.
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What does Liverpool or any clean sheet mean?

a situation in football in which the other team has not been able to score any goals against you. Liverpool kept a clean sheet. Synonyms and related words. Scoring points and goals.
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What is the purpose of clean sheet?

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What is the primary purpose of a clean sheet?

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Which keeper has the highest clean sheet in England?

Former Arsenal and Chelsea goalkeeper Petr Cech holds the record for most clean sheets in Premier League history, having registered 202 shutouts in his illustrious career in the English top flight. Among active footballers, Manchester United's David De Gea is the only shot-stopper to make it to the top-10 list.
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Which goalkeeper has the most saves in history?

Petr Cech - 21

In over 700 appearances throughout his career, Cech had 341 clean sheets with 695 goals conceded.
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Which goalkeeper has more clean sheet?

David De Gea (Manchester United) – 23

David De Gea, the current Manchester United goalkeeper has 23 clean sheets in 51 matches in all competitions this season.
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Is number one goalie always?

As with all players, goalkeepers may wear any squad number, but the number 1 is almost always reserved for a team's first-choice goalkeeper.
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Do goalkeepers have to wear one Colour?

Each goalkeeper must wear colours that are distinguishable from the other players and the match officials. If the two goalkeepers' shirts are the same colour, one of them is required to change. If neither has another shirt, the #referee allows the match to be played.
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What does SOG mean in soccer?

If a player receives a red card, they have to miss the next match the team plays. SOG (shots on goal): any on-target shot that would have resulted in a goal if not for the goalie saving it.
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Do own goals count against clean sheets?

Own goals do not count as goals for, but do count as goals against for Goalkeepers and do factor into Clean Sheet calculations.
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How many minutes is a clean sheet?

A clean sheet is awarded for not conceding a goal whilst on the pitch and playing at least 60 minutes (excluding stoppage time). If a player has been substituted when a goal is conceded this will not affect any clean sheet bonus.
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