What football club does Drake support?

Drake is a massive Chelsea fan and even had a kick about with the team before a Champions League match back in 2012.
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Which team is Drake supporting?

Canadian rapper Drake has backed Messi and Argentina to defeat France in the final of the World Cup on Sunday but it might not be the show of support that the South Americans want.
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Does Drake support Arsenal?

ARSENAL fans fear their title challenge could be undone by rapper Drake. That's after the superstar was pictured wearing a Gunners jersey - prompting talk of an imminent CURSE. Canadian rapper Drake is a huge sports fan and is often spotted linking up with the world's top athletes.
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Does Drake support Juventus?

Drake is not the most dedicated Juventus fan as he has supported other clubs in the past — but if Paul Pogba gifts you a kit, you're no longer a hard rapper but just another Juventus fanboy.
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Which football club does Justin Bieber support?

Justin Bieber, Barcelona

One would suspect Justin Bieber's loyalties may be for sale to whomever is convenient or "hip" at any given moment, but there was a time when Barcelona seemed like the only club for America's most beloved pop artist.
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What Is "Drake's Curse" In Football And Is He Really That Bad For Football Teams?

What soccer team does Snoop Dogg support?

Snoop Dogg - Celtic

Snoop claims to have been a Celtic fan since 2005 - after DJ pal, Big Al, gave him one of the clubs shirts.
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What football club does Kevin Hart support?

His credentials: He loves top-ranked British team Manchester City so he knows what to aim for on the field, he dramatically scored a goal against their goalie, Joe Hart — no relation, and some of soccer's biggest stars are pint-sized like he is. (Photo: Dave J Hogan/Getty Images)
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Is Drake a Chelsea supporter?

Drake is a massive Chelsea fan and even had a kick about with the team before a Champions League match back in 2012.
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Does Drake support Argentina?

Canadian rapper Drake has backed Argentina and Lionel Messi to win the 2022 Qatar World Cup on Sunday.
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Is Drake a Liverpool fan?

The world's biggest rap star is known as a big football fan, but given he has been pictured wearing the likes of Liverpool, Manchester United and Chelsea shirts, his loyalties appear to be divided. He has also been known to wear the shirts of European clubs and international teams too.
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Which football club does 21 Savage support?

21 savage is an Arsenal fan. in his verse in the latest song Circo Loco with drake. fan. Arsenal is the biggest club in the world.
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Is Kendrick Lamar an Arsenal fan?

Lamar joins a growing list of Arsenal fans, with Logan Paul having joined the ranks of celebrity supporters due to his partnership with KSI and the club through their PRIME drink.
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Which rapper supports Arsenal?

Jay-Z. The hottest rapper in the world, Jay-Z, whose real name is Shawn Carter, is such a fan of the London side that he has actually been rumored to want to buy a piece of Arsenal.
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Who broke the Drake curse?

Millionaire rap superstar Drake broke his unfortunate high-stakes gambling streak after Israel Adesanya's victory saw him win a $1million (£826,000) bet that was previously described as 'light' money.
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What is Drake's curse on Messi?

In a video posted on social media with a friend, he said: “I'll take Argentina, he'll take France. That will be a vibe.” The four-time Grammy award winner has often been accused of cursing athletes and sports teams he's supported in recent years.
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Who does Drake support in World Cup?

Footage emerged on social media of Drake, wearing the kit of Serie A leaders Napoli, declaring his support for Argentina in the World Cup final.
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Is Drake Napoli fan?

Canadian music superstar Drake has doubled down on his newfound love of Napoli, after being seen sporting training wear of the Serie A club.
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How much did Drake bet on Messi?

Drake's $1 Million World Cup Bet Is His Loss

He put his money on Argentina winning, and Lionel Messi did indeed emerge victorious … just not as quickly as the rapper had hoped.
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What football club does Lil Wayne support?

Bill Clinton, Lil Wayne, Steph Curry - 11 American celebrities you didn't know are Chelsea fans - football. london.
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What rappers support Man City?

Bugzy Malone announced himself as a Manchester City fan after launching the Cityzens PUMA partnership back in July. The Mancunian MC shut down Manchester's Mayfield Depot and stepped out on stage in the club's new drip, confirming the King Of The North's previously unknown status as a fan of the Sky Blues.
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What football club does Bill Gates support?

Bill Gates – Chairman Microsoft World.

Yes! A true Barca fan.
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What football club does Zac Efron support?

Hollywood star Zac Efron says he is a fair-weather Spurs fan after being spotted at their match against Brighton. The 31-year-old has also been seen sporting an Arsenal shirt in the past, watching the Gunners play at the Emirates Stadium in 2012.
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What football team does Zendaya support?

Over the years, we've seen many celebrities finally reveal which sports club they support. A few days ago, the soccer world witnessed Zendaya becoming a Spurs fan.
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Who does Jay Z support football?

The rapper started supporting the club courtesy of his friendship with Arsenal icon Thierry Henry. He even once went on record to put on record his desire to buy shares in the club and even take up a place in the boardroom. In 2010, the '99 Problems' singer cleared up any confusion on his football alliance.
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What soccer team does John Cena support?

John Cena - Tottenham

Arguably one of the biggest names the WWE has ever produced chose to support the club in 2011 after a promotional tour he went on took him to White Hart Lane.
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