What do Californians call soda?

Different colored soda bottles represent coke (red), soda (blue) and pop (green). No surprise that Southeasterners (or what you could now call the “Coca® Cola belt”) have more people saying “Coke”. And Californians and Northeasterners say “Soda”. Midwesterners and Pacific Northwesterners say “Pop”.
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Do Californians call it soda or pop?

Soda – Northeasterners, Floridians, Californians, and a few pockets of Midwesterners (around Milwaukee and St. Louis) use this term the most. Pop is preferred in most of the Midwest and West.
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What do they call soda on the West Coast?

People from the West Coast and Northeast would call it soda. Folks from the Midwest and Mountain areas call it pop. And folks in the South? When they order a sweetened carbonated beverage, they ask for a Coke, even when they're ordering a Sprite (as in “I'll have a Coke.
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What is American slang for soda?

On the West Coast and in New England, people are more likely to say "soda," whereas in some parts of the South, people say "Coke" or "Coca-Cola" to refer to any type of carbonated beverage. You'll likely hear "pop" in states like North Dakota and Minnesota.
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What do Southern states call soda?

Most Southerners, meanwhile, tend to call any soft drink a 'Coke,' no matter what brand they're sipping." (Aside: There appears to be a soda pocket in St.
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What do New Yorkers call soda?

The soda, pop and coke Civil War continues to rage in America and the Mason-Dixon line lies in Upstate New York. That's because in Rochester, Buffalo and the rest of Western New York, the sweet, carbonated drink is typically called a pop. In the rest of the state, it's a soda.
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What do Northerners call soda?

Soda is the preferred term in the Northeast, most of Florida, California, and pockets in the Midwest around Milwaukee and St. Louis. Pop is what people say in most of the Midwest and West. And coke, even if it's not Coca-Cola brand, is what people call it in the South.
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What do they call soda in Chicago?

What about carbonated beverages, do you use "soda," "pop," or "Coke?" Now across the U.S. the answer is pretty mixed, but Chicago and most of northern Illinois, use "pop," while the rest of the state say "soda."
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What is another name for soda drink?

synonyms for soft drink

On this page you'll find 9 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to soft drink, such as: cola, soda, soda pop, carbonated drink, carbonated water, and pop.
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What do New Englanders call soda?

Tonic. While not as popular as it once was, the term “tonic” is still used by many, especially in the Boston area, to describe any carbonated beverage.
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What do they call soda in Oregon?

People in Oregon call a fizzy soft drink, [Both] Pop.
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What do they call soda in Detroit?

The Term "Pop"

It was coined by Faygo, another Detroit-based bottling company, after the sound the lid made when it popped off the soda bottle.
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What do they call soda in Arizona?

California, Arizona, New England and a small pocket of the Midwestern choose to call their soft drinks "sodas." And then there are the states that really don't know where they stand in the pop vs. coke vs. soda war, like North Carolina, New Mexico, Alaska and Virginia.
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What do Minnesotans call soda?

Pop, soda, coke — those words get thrown around in various parts of the country when talking about soft drinks. Minnesota is widely known for its use “pop”, and a titan in the restaurant world wants to know why.
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What is soda called in Alabama?

You can see that here in the first of our three food and drink maps that explain a lot about Alabama and the South. Seems "Coke" is the preferred term of the South, while soda is preferred in New England and the southwest and pop is preferred the Mid and North West.
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Does California have slang?

As with any local tongue, California slang is constantly changing and evolving with the masses. If you're planning a visit, do your homework and freshen up on the latest so you can be sure to blend in flawlessly.
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What do they call soda in Seattle?

Californians are decisively 'soda', whereas Washingtonians prefer the term 'pop'.
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What do people in Philly call soda?

Pop, soda is for people living in the past, like philly.
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What do they call soda in Pittsburgh?

Essentially, in western Pennsylvania, saying "pop" is a part of claiming the greater region as home, as is saying "soda" in the east. Johnstone says the "soda"/"pop" divide is interesting in Pennsylvania because it's one of the only states to be split by the word choice.
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What do they call soda in Kentucky?

Now, when in doubt I just offer people bourbon. I noticed in this map of pop vs. soda, the state of Kentucky is divided. It seems like eastern Kentucky and Lexington are more likely to call it "pop," while Louisville and western kentucky call it "coke."
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What do they call soda in Boston?

MENDON - The Midwest always called it “pop. '' In the South, “Coke'' was used generically, to mean Coke and anything like it. And the rest of the Northeast is definitely “soda'' country. But in Boston, and only in Boston, it's “tonic.
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What do they call soda in Connecticut?

Soda, Soda Pop and the South

The word itself came from the creation of the first “soda fountains” in Connecticut, therefore most of the east coast uses the word soda.
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What do they call soda in Maryland?

What do we call carbonated beverages? Seventy percent of people in Bethesda said "soda," followed by 11 percent with "Coke." "Pop" and "soft drink" were less popular. "Coleslaw" or just "slaw?" We're split. About 46 percent in Bethesda say it's OK to just say "slaw," and another 41 percent say it's not.
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What do they call soda in New Mexico?

“Coke” is generally used throughout the South, New Mexico, and other states in the West. “Coke” is a rather obvious derivation from Coca-Cola, the brand name of the soft drink originally manufactured in Atlanta.
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What do they call soda in Wisconsin?

The fusion of these terms is prevalent in central Wisconsin where “pop” and “soda” are used interchangeably.
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