What did the city fans chant about Hillsborough?

During Sunday's match at Anfield, Manchester City supporters in the Anfield Road away end were caught on video chanting, “The S*n was right, you're murderers” at the wider Anfield crowd.
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What were City fans chanting about Hillsborough?

City fans sang 'always the victim, it's never your fault' just before half-time, a chant that has associations with the Hillsborough disaster which killed 97 Liverpool supporters in 1989.
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What were Man City fans chanting against Liverpool?

A section of supporters were heard calling Liverpool fans “victims” in the first half of the game at the Etihad in response to travelling appeals for Rodri to receive a second yellow card.
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What was the City chant at Anfield?

“Always the victims, it's never your fault,” is sadly heard at many Liverpool games, but this time around it was shocking to hear the scale of its chorus around the stadium.
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What did the City fans sing at Anfield?

The match at Anfield was marred by the songs from the away end and City fans scrawling graffiti inside the stadium in relation to the disasters.
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A Complete S**t Show | Vile Chants, Assaults, Criminal Damage | Liverpool 1 - 0 Man City Reaction

Why do LFC fans sing you'll never walk alone?

The song is performed as a tribute to the families of the 97 fans who were unlawfully killed during the FA Cup semi-final in Sheffield.
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Why do Liverpool fans sing walk on?

Legend has it that the motivating effect of the fans singing You'll Never Walk Alone gave the players hope when all seemed lost. This small act of defiance in the face of adversity galvanised the Liverpool team, and they managed to pull back and win the match on penalties, crowning them European Cup Champions.
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What does the crowd chant goal kick?

The rather harsh chant is sung to the tune of “Knees Up Mother Brown”. Some say Sheffield United fans created the song in 1894 for their own goalkeeper William “Fatty” Foulke.
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What is the oldest football chant in England?

"On The Ball, City" (sometimes abbreviated 'OTBC' in writing) is a football chant sung by fans of Norwich City F.C. It has been described as the world's oldest football chant still in use today.
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Why was Liverpool clapping?

A minute's applause was conducted in the seventh minute of the Premier League match between the long-time rivals in a show of support for United star Ronaldo, following the death of his newborn son.
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What is the slur for Liverpool fans?

Scouse (lobskause) was brought to the city by sailors from Scandinavia. People outside of Liverpool when visiting sampled and enjoyed the dish that it was vary popular in and outside of Liverpool so much so that outsiders nicknamed the people of Liverpool scousers after the dish.
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Why do Man City fans call United fans rags?

The most commonly used name by City fans to describe their cross-city rivals is the term "Rags", this is due to a period after World War II where United were given use of City's Maine Road stadium after Old Trafford had been bombed by the Luftwaffe.
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What is a Liverpool fan called?

Liverpool fans often refer to themselves as Kopites, a reference to the fans who once stood, and now sit, on the Kop at Anfield. In 2008 a group of fans decided to form a splinter club, A.F.C. Liverpool, to play matches for fans who had been priced out of watching Premier League football.
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What did The Sun say about Hillsborough?

On 19 April 1989, four days after the incident, The Sun published a front-page story with the headline "The Truth" containing a number of falsehoods alleging that Liverpool supporters were responsible for the accident.
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Why was there a crush at Hillsborough?

Shortly before kick-off, in an attempt to ease overcrowding outside the entrance turnstiles, the police match commander, David Duckenfield, ordered exit gate C to be opened, leading to an influx of supporters entering the pens. This resulted in overcrowding of those pens and the crush.
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What was Argentina crowd chanting?

Vamos vamos Argentina (pronounced [ˈbamos ˈbamos aɾxenˈtina]) is a very popular chant in Argentina, used by supporters in sports events, mainly in football matches of the national team and related celebrations.
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What is the most sung football chant?

Arguably the most famous anthem in all of football, 'You'll Never Walk Alone' is associated most clearly with Liverpool Football Club. Scottish football fans might well cough and point to Celtic, but it was the Merseyside club that first began to sing the song before matches.
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Where did the don't take me home chant come from?

As with any football song, its origins are murky. Wales popularised it but some Newcastle United fans claim it was birthed during their UEFA Cup runs of the 2000s. Regardless of how it entered the Welsh army's repertoire, over the course of those few glorious weeks in France fans young and old were seduced by the song.
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What is the oldest English football club still playing?

Number One: Notts County - 1862

Records show they played matches as early as the 28th of November 1862, meaning that they are officially recognised as the oldest club still playing in the Football League.
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What are the oldest football chants?

It's been described as the world's oldest football chant still in use today.
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What do New York Giants fans chant?

Let's Go Giants Let's Go - New York Giants Chant.
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What do they chant at Mile High Stadium?

Denver, CO

Here you will hear fans chant “IN-COM-PLETE!” when the opposing team throws an incomplete pass or a loud noise that sounds like thunder, “Mile High Thunder,” the stomping of fans feet on stadium's floor, traditions carried from the Bronco's old stadium, Mile High Stadium.
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Why did Liverpool players kneel before a game?

Premier League Players Confirm They Will Continue to Take a Knee Before Games. The gesture is a protest against systemic racism.
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Which football clubs use you'll never walk alone?

After becoming a chart hit by a local band, the song gained popularity on the Anfield terraces, and the song quickly became the football anthem of Liverpool F.C., which adopted "You'll Never Walk Alone" as its official motto on its coat of arms.
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Why do Celtic and Liverpool sing the same song?

Liverpool and Celtic met in a number of friendlies and testamonials for players such as Ron Yeats, Tommy Burns, Billy McNiell and Celtic manager Jock Stein and thats where it is believed Celtic adopted the song.
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