Should I buy FIFA 21 or 22 reddit?

Fifa 21 is a better game than Fifa 22 in my opinion. It will be long, but good for a closure post :). Trading was easier, not so random, so much drop (still I made the most this year, but yap, harder to make money for sure), because we have many events in a week, plus super hard to pack the best players...
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Which FIFA is better 22 or 21?

In Fifa 21 the whole game is more consistent and more like a video game, you can expect your pass, and shoot will work, and will rarely not work...
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Is FIFA 22 worth buying now?

Agreeing:- FIFA 22 will no doubt be better than FIFA 21 in terms of graphics and realism of players, stadiums, and crowds. FIFA 22 will also bring new gameplay features - last year EA introduced Directed Runs, Agile Dribbling, and Directed Pass And Go.
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Is it worth upgrading from FIFA 21 to FIFA 22?

21 — Worth the upgrade from FIFA 21.

Yes, FIFA 22 is definitely worth the upgrade over FIFA 21. In many ways, FIFA 21 felt like an easy game to win with a few quick button moves.
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What is the advantage of FIFA 22?

FIFA 22 breathes new life into the series' once-familiar gameplay with the addition of HyperMotion technology, and makes well-intentioned strides to refresh its most dated modes. FIFA 22 offers a better game of football than before and a whole load of new features for PS5, Xbox Series consoles and Stadia.
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Why did FIFA 22 become free?

Players that are subscribed to Xbox Game Pass can now play FIFA 22 for free after its inclusion in June's release of free titles, along with Narak: Bladepoint and Far Cry 5. Players will be able to access all game modes including Career Mode, FIFA Ultimate Team, Pro Clubs and Volta Football from June 23, 2022.
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How will FIFA 22 be different?

FIFA 22 returns on next generation consoles featuring HyperMotion - groundbreaking new gameplay technology on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and Stadia that elevates every moment on the pitch along with a new season of innovation across every mode in the game.
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Is FIFA 22 cheaper if you have FIFA 21?

Load up your game and you'll notice you can pre order and purchase FIFA 22 from within FIFA 21 for a 10% discount which will stack with your EA Play discount.
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Do people still play FIFA 22?

There are approximately 9 million total players have already played FIFA 22 since its release in October 1, 2021. About 700 million teams have created on the game.
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Is FIFA 23 worth buying?

FIFA 23 is a solid, confident outing for the series. It adds just enough to make it all worthwhile, but EA is clearly holding back its freshest ideas.
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Why is everything in FIFA 22 so cheap?

The Second Market Crash in Ultimate Team

The preview packs that almost everyone opens every 24 hours are another reason why prices are falling the second time in FIFA 22. And that is also a phenomenon that is becoming more and more popular.
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Will FIFA 22 end?

EA Sports has announced that FIFA 23 will be the last in its long-running series of football video games.
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Is FIFA 23 slower than FIFA 22?

FIFA 23 is a much slower game than FIFA 22, but it has improved on player movement and game mechanics so it can be as smooth and realistic as possible.
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What is the most realistic FIFA game?

FIFA 23 is the most realistic fifa game ever 💀 FIFA 23 bugs and fifa ...
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Is FIFA 22 slower than FIFA 21?

It is faster. On fifa 21 a career mode game on normal speed and a fut 21 game felt the same speed. In fifa 22 a career mode game on normal speed is like playing a fut 22 game in fast forward.
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Is FIFA 22 realistic?

FIFA 22 is by far the most realistic and advanced version of the game we've ever seen. New technology has been implemented into the game called HyperMotion that brings a unique feel to the pitch, player's movements have never looked or felt more accurate.
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Which teams will not be in FIFA 22?

Here are the eight teams that will not be participating in FIFA World Cup 2022.
  • Italy. ...
  • Russia. ...
  • SwedenThe country has been part of 12 of the 21 world cups held so far. ...
  • Colombia. ...
  • Chile. ...
  • Nigeria.
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What age does FIFA 22 decline?

FIFA 22 has new player degradation mechanics meaning beyond the age of 26, a player's overall rating will stop increasing, and by 29 it'll begin declining. You will make a loss on what you paid and end up with an aging squad.
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Which players are not playing FIFA 22?

31 his agent said the midfielder would not return to action for Juventus or world champions France before the World Cup.
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How much will FIFA 23 cost?

The Standard Edition will cost $59.99 (£59.99), consistent with most major video game releases. The Legacy Edition will cost $39.99 (£34.99) and is a call-back to previous versions, featuring updated rosters, but "without any new development or significant enhancements," EA Sports confirmed.
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Is it worth buying FIFA 21 now?

Absolutely! The only thing to bear in mind when buying Fifa 21 or any other EA game from Steam or Epic is that it's only the purchase platform. The game will require Steam to be open for purchase verification, but it will install and launch in EA's Origin platform.
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How much tax do you lose in FIFA 22?

EA imposes a 5% tax on sales of FIFA Ultimate Team. Example : A item sold 1000 credits will earn you 950 credits after deduction of the tax.
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Is FIFA 22 or 23 better?

The graphics engine provides an even higher authenticity level, introducing over 6,000 new animations for players on the field. Everything looks better than in FIFA 22: dribbling, shots, goalkeeper synchronization, or new artificial intelligence behaviors in defense and attack.
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Is FIFA 23 the same as 22?

FIFA 23 is a significant upgrade from FIFA 22, with the game featuring best-in-class graphics, responsive gameplay, cross-play, women's domestic leagues and much more besides.
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Will FIFA 22 include World Cup mode?

The Your FIFA World Cup™ mode will be available starting November 21, 2022. **Requires FIFA 23 (sold separately), all game updates, internet connection & an EA Account. ✝The FIFA World Cup™ History Makers offer expires January 3, 2023 11:59PM PT.
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