Is FM22 still worth it?

Football Manager 2022 is the absolute best game in the series, adding great new features to already solid foundations. The likes of the Data Hub and Staff Meetings may not alter the fundamentals of the game, but they do help to heighten the immersion while also making some quality-of-life improvements.
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Is Football Manager 2023 worth it?

Despite everything, FM23 is an excellent, precise and satisfying game, with the European licenses finally returning.
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Is it worth getting new Football Manager?

Verdict. Football Manager 2023 is by no means a must-have update for those who bought last year's edition. But there's enough here, just, not to leave you feeling cheated – the same might not be true of your neglected spouse.
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Is FM23 better than FM22?

You can also expect a lot more life-like action in the midfield, thanks to improved AI and smooth 3D animations that perform much better than in Football Manager 22.
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Will FM22 ever be free?

Once redeemed on Epic Games store, FM22 will be yours to keep forever. So it doesn't matter if you cancel the Prime Gaming subscription afterwards. In a nutshell: Before the end of the year, link your Amazon Prime account to your Epic Games Store account to score Football Manager 2022 for free.
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Is FM22 Good?

How many years can you play FM22?

The 30 seasons limit exists to prevent the save file from becoming too big, as there are regulations on different devices on how much space a game or application can occupy. At the end of the day, 30 seasons are plenty to have a satisfying experience playing football manager.
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Why does FM22 keep shutting down?

Re-Verify FM22 Game Cache

From the 'Library' section, right-click on FM22 and select 'Properties' from the menu. Select the 'Local Files' tab and click the 'Verify Integrity of Game Cache' button. Steam will verify the game's files - this process may take several minutes.
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What is the most dominant FM22 tactic?

Best FM22 Tactics: Fluid Counter Attack 4-3-3 DM Wide

It may come across as too defensive for many players, but it's all about giving opponents a false sense of security before pouncing on their vulnerability.
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What is the most popular FM22 skin?

OPZ ELITE. OPZ Elite's FM22 skin is one of the most popular. It has a much more distinctive style with its own personality compared to others, but the basic premise remains similar – it optimises the game. Combined with the fairly unique logo pack, OPZ Elite is a fairly modern-looking take on the basic FM appearance.
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Who is the fastest CB in FM22?

FIFA 22 Fastest Defenders: Fastest Centre Backs (CB) to Sign in Career Mode
  • 1 Jeremiah St. ...
  • 2 Jetmir Haliti (91 Pace, 61 OVR)
  • 3 Tyler Magloire (89 Pace, 61 OVR)
  • 4 Maxence Lacroix (88 Pace, 79 OVR)
  • 5 Takuma Ominami (87 Pace, 64 OVR)
  • 6 Maxim Leitsch (87 Pace, 72 OVR)
  • 7 Oumar Solet (86 Pace, 70 OVR)
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How to negotiate FM22?

To start negotiations the agent (or player) will usually present a set of terms as his initial demands. These represent the best possible terms he believes can be agreed, and so you should generally start by offering lesser terms and leaving room to negotiate upwards.
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Should I have a director of football FM22?

Director of Football

While not essential, Favoured Formation is something worth factoring in as well because it certainly helps to shape your squad moving forward. Indeed, this person is going to be responsible for signing players for your squad, so it makes sense that they would share the same tactical vision as you.
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What is the average age for Football Manager players?

The overall average age is 27.4 – slightly down on 27.8 in Save A. Monaco's squad is still just on the wrong side of 30, though they do have a couple of young talents coming through aged 21 and 23.
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Will Football Manager 2023 be free?


You'll get six in-game months to find your feet in football management, which is approximately 10 hours game play.
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Is Football Manager still popular?

Football Manager 2023 is out now – and FM23 is already one of the most popular iterations of the game yet, with hours of game-time stacked up from managers in the beta version of the game. It's one of the most anticipated dates in the football calendar and it's a game most enjoyed by non-gamers.
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Is Football Manager a demanding game?

Football Manager is an intensive demanding game, so we would expect it to take up resources when running, even on high-end systems. However, in some instances you may be able to lessen the impact of the game's performance on your system.
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How many players should I have FM22?

An advisable approach is to: Have approximately four to five key players and six to seven first team players in your senior squad who together essentially make up your strongest team and who, as individuals, should feature regularly over the course of a season.
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Do stars matter in FM22?

So a rating of 2.5 to 3 stars can be considered to be approximately average for your squad, with 3.5 to 5 stars being relatively good and 0.5 to 2 stars being relatively poor.
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What is the hardest challenge in FM22?

The Pentagon Challenge

You must win each of the five Continental trophies. That's the AFC, CAF, CONCACAF, Copa Libertadores, and the Champions League. A quintuple of trophies that will take you all across the globe. But that's not all.
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Is aggression good in FM22?

However, higher Aggression does make fouls more likely to be committed as a result of greater involvement in physical situations. Therefore, a player with higher Aggression would benefit from good Tackling, Anticipation, Concentration and Decisions so that he is less likely to commit fouls.
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Who is the best cm a in FM22?

Eduardo Camavinga is one of the highest Potential Ability players in Football Manager 2022. He starts with a 138 Current Ability, but with a 170-200 Potential Ability range, he can easily become the best Central Midfielder in Football Manager 2022.
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Why is Juventus not in FM22?

Juventus have been absent from EA Sports' FIFA franchise since FIFA 20 due to the Italian club having an exclusive agreement with Konami's eFootball series.
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How do you deal with unhappy players in FM22?

If a player is unhappy about a specific issue then you may have the opportunity to talk to him about the problem. You can also talk to your captain or vice-captain about the general morale and happiness in your squad by selecting Ambassadorial Duties from either player's Interaction drop-down.
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