How do you play defensively in FIFA 22?

When you're playing a match, you have the ability to activate attacking and defending D-Pad Tactics. On PlayStation and Xbox: Pressing up on the D-Pad will display tactics related to attacking play. Pressing down will display tactics centered around defensive play.
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What is the Defence button in FIFA 22?

By holding down the R1 button on the Dualshock or RB on the Xbox controller, you can command the CPU-controlled player to press the opponent's player with the ball. To get the best of this feature, you can use the second man to contain the opponent while you cut passing lanes with your own player.
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Why is FIFA 22 so hard to defend?

Defending in FIFA 22 comes down to timing and anticipation. Relying on the AI to defend for you can result in disastrous scorelines. To defend in FIFA 22, you need to jockey your opponent.
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What is the best defense setting in FIFA 22?

The best FIFA 22 tactics
  • Defensive style: Balanced.
  • Width: 40.
  • Depth: 65.
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How do I defend better on FIFA?

Use the Jockey button

Like last year, the jockey button is one of the most important things to use while defending in FIFA 23. When using the jockey function, the defender will position itself better towards the attacker, and you can intercept the ball more easily.
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Which is better tactical or legacy defending?

Tactical Defending vs. Legacy Defending: As before, there are two types of defensive styles in FIFA 20. Tactical Defense, which is a more manual scheme, is the default style, but you can change it to Legacy Defending in the settings. Some players find Legacy easier because it is less demanding in terms of timing.
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How does tactical defending work in FIFA?

Then comes tactical defending which allows you to position the tackling player in the predicted path for which a ball may be passed or for which the player with the ball is going to take. Frustrations with this type of defense is that you always need to be putting players in positions to avoid been beaten defensively.
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What are the most useful controls in FIFA 22?

  • Bridge Skill: R1 (Double Tap) ...
  • Feint Forward and Turn: Right Stick (Flick) Down (x2) ...
  • Ball Roll Left: Right Stick (Hold) Left. ...
  • Heel Flick: Right Stick Up/Down (flick) ...
  • Ball Hop (while standing): L1 (Hold) + R3 (Press) ...
  • Spin Left: R1 (Hold) + Right Stick Counterclockwise.
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What is a jockey in FIFA?

Jockeying (holding LT/L2) allows the defender you're controlling to remain face-up with the player with the ball. You can use this maneuver to force your opponent into unfavorable spots, leading to an interception or a poor pass.
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