Has a referee ever been injured in football?

It is a rare occurrence in football for a referee to be unable to start a match, or to be forced to exit the pitch after picking up an injury. However, it's still quite possible! Referee Lee Mason suffered a calf injury during West Brom's 1-0 win over Brighton in the Premier League.
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Is the football dead if it hits a ref?

Play is stopped, the referee drops the ball for one player of Team A at the position where the ball touched the referee.
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What if a football player hits a referee?

Any Player, Coach, Team Official or Team Spectator committing or attempting to commit a referee ASSAULT is automatically suspended for one (1) year from the time of the assault. If serious injuries are inflicted then the MINIMUM suspension shall be for five (5) years.
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Has a referee ever been sent off?

However, there was a referee who, knowing that he was refereeing very badly, decided to send himself off! Legally, the referee can send off players, coaches, assistants and assistant referees, but he cannot send off himself. But, this happened. It happened in March 1998, in the London suburb of Charlton.
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Which referee was banned from football?

Mexican referee Fernando Hernandez gets 12-match ban for kneeing player in groin. Mexican referee Fernando Hernandez has been suspended for 12 matches after kneeing a player in the groin during America's match against Leon on Sunday.
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When Referee Paolo Valeri Was Injured During The Match Inter Milan vs AC Milan

Who is the most feared football referee?

Pierluigi Collina
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Which Premier League referee was banned?

Poor Mark Clattenburg though because he has just been banned from officiating in any Premier League games this weekend after going to an Ed Sheeran concert fow which he fell foul of an odd FA protocol.
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Do refs ever get punished?

NBA commissioner Adam Silver revealed that referees do face punishment for incorrect decisions, in the wake of a high-profile missed call by some of the league's officials.
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What happens if a referee gets injured?

If a referee is incapacitated, play may continue under the supervision of the other match officials until the ball is next out of play. The referee: enforces the Laws of the Game. controls the match in cooperation with the other match officials.
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Do refs get paid off?

Refs are actually not paid per game, but rather annually. They earn a flat salary for the season and then bonuses, which can come per-game or for working postseason games.
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Can a team sue a referee?

Historically, courts have found that lawsuits against officials arising from an injured party's participation in a sporting event are only actionable if the injured party demonstrates recklessness, willfulness, intentional misconduct, malice, or wanton conduct on behalf of the official.
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Can a player sue a ref?

only the non-breaching party is in a position to sue. Generally, the non-breaching parties include the league and athletic participants. unable to demonstrate that they were intended beneficiaries of the contract between the referee and team, i.e., there is no privity of contract.
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Can a referee eject a fan in soccer?

Per NCYSA rules it is the coaches' responsibility to manage his team's parents, spectators or fans. Under no circumstances should a referee crew attempt to do this, put that responsibility on the coach.
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Can a ref get fired?

Typically, the highest-graded referees move on to officiate the postseason. That means that if an official consistently receives below-average grades, they won't get the opportunity to officiate playoff games. There are rare instances in which the NFL has fired a referee for a particularly egregious call.
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What happens if the ball hits the referee in football UK?

If the ball touches the referee or another match official and goes into the goal, or results in a change of possession or a promising attack, a dropped ball will be awarded.
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Can a ref kick a fan out?

The umpire doesn't have the authority to remove a fan. However, he has the authority to keep the game from continuing - until those responsible for the crowd remove him. It's that simple: “We're not continuing as long as that guy is still in the stands.” And if the home team doesn't comply, they face a forfeit.
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Do refs have to stop a game for a head injury?

Currently, the referee is obliged to stop the game if he spots a suspected head injury. But the pace of the game, especially in instances like a fast counter-attack to the other end of the pitch, can hinder the officials' ability to halt play quickly.
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Can a referee touch a player in football?

Nonetheless, the refereeing authorities will tell you that the best policy is to avoid touching players, coaches and each other as much as possible. Oh, there are some exceptions and some issues of common sense, but many officiating leaders feel that drawing the line at zero is the best way to avert two issues.
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Can a referee call off a game?

The referee is never alone to call the game off, it must be in consultation with the league, the competition and, in consultation with the groundskeepers if present.
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What is the hardest sport to referee?

1 most dangerous sport to officiate is hockey. Players are flying around the ice with a rubber disc that can leave a stick at over 100 mph. If you have ever been hit by a puck without pads on, it hurts. These officials are right in the thick of the action, with that puck flying past them at outrageous speeds.
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Do refs get nervous?

Channelling Nerves is Possible

Many referees can get very fearful and uptight before they officiate their appointed fixtures, so much so that they dread refereeing. Many may feel very irritable on the journey to the venue, they may even be sick or in some cases they refuse to officiate.
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Has a referee ever been caught cheating?

Timothy Francis Donaghy (/ˈdɒnəɡi/; born January 7, 1967) is a former professional basketball referee who worked in the National Basketball Association (NBA) for 13 seasons from 1994 to 2007 until he was caught in a gambling scandal.
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Has there ever been a black Premier League referee?

Uriah Rennie: The Premier League's first and last Black referee | The Lead.
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Who controls Premier League refs?

Professional Game Match Officials Limited (PGMOL) is the body responsible for refereeing games in English professional football.
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