Football clubs release third kits for 2020-21 season

Football clubs release third kits for 2020-21 season - third kit ft

third jersey for 2020-2021 season

  • Most football clubs have released third kits for the season 2020-2021.
  • The kits are accompanied by an Air max sneaker that marks a similar colour pattern.

Many football clubs release their third kids for the new season:

A club kit always reflects the club’s history and logo colour scheme. There are three types of kits:

  • Home kit: Worn during the matches played at home stadium.
  • Away kit: Worn during the matches played in opponent’s stadium.
  • Third kit: Worn instead of its home outfit or its away outfit during games, often when the colours of two competing teams’ other uniforms are too similar to contrast easily.

Many football clubs released their third kits today, following the release home and away jerseys.

Real Madrid

Real Madrid released their third kit on the 9th. The kid includes a pink logo and stripes down the side. It has different patterns all over the kit and comes in black colour.

Real Madrid third kid

RB Leipzig:

The RB Leipzig kit is an absolutely incredible design in a predominantly “midnight navy” colour. It features a graffiti-like pattern in shades of blue and white colour.

football club third kits

Inter Milan:

Inter Milan introduced their third kit for the season 2020-21 in their typical fashion. Jersey’s pattern is dominantly grey and black hoops, throwing back to the 1997-98 season.

football club third kits


Liverpool released their third jersey for 2020-21 season. The design is a simple grey and black checkbox with pink colour used for the logo and accents.

liverpool third jersey for 2020-21 season

Chelsea Third Kits:

Chelsea’s third jersey for the season 2020-21 is an amazing style and has shades of light red, almost pinkish base combined with their typical dark blue colour.

football club third kits

FC Barcelona Third Kits:

FC Barcelona released their 3rd kit for the season 2020/21. The kit is a light pink base colour with some shades of Turquoise colour.

football club third kits

Atletico Madrid Third Kits:

Atletico de Madrid’s third jersey is predominantly volt, with black colour for the logos and accents.

football club third kits

Tottenham Spurs Third Kits:

The North London side’s third Jersey is a simple yellowish-orange style, with teal colour for logos and accent.

football club third kits

AS Roma Third Kits:

The Italian side released their third kit for the season 2020/21. The incredible design consists of a black base with orange coloured shoulders. The accent colour is the white and typical orange colour for their logo.

AS Roma third jersey