Top 10 Famous And Iconic Football Haircuts

ronaldo nazario de lima

Footballers are known as modern-day gladiators. They are now also being seen as fashion icons because of their unique fashion sense and hairstyles. Here take a look at some of the famous football hairstyles and haircuts. From Ronaldo Nazario haircut in the 2002 world cup to Neymar’s noodle hairstyle. Here are the top 10 most iconic football haircuts.

Ronaldo Nazario de Lima World Cup 2002 Haircut

In the 2002 World Cup, Brazilian legend Ronaldo Nazario came up with a unique and kind of a strange haircut. He had a complete bald style and but left a few hairs on the front side of his head. But Ronaldo Nazario had a plan and he explained the reason behind the haircut.

Ronaldo Nazario haircut world cup 2002

“I decided to cut my hair and leave the small thing there. I come to training and everybody saw me with bad hair.

“Everybody was talking about the hair and forgot about the injury. I could stay more calm and relaxed and focused on my training.”

So basically Ronaldo had this haircut to divert other’s attention from his injury. Talk about a clever plan!

David Beckham Cornrows

English superstar David Beckham worse the cornrows hairstyle in 2003 and this hairstyle was named as the most iconic hairstyle in football. But David Beckham admitted that this look was not his best.

famous football hairstyles and haircuts

David Luiz

David Luiz came up with a strange hairstyle known as “Sideshow Bob” haircut. Luiz explained the reason behind the haircut in these words.

“I know I look crazy, but I am not! It is just hair. Yes, my father is bald. But I found a way to save my hair.

famous football hairstyles david luiz bobshow

“I met with a doctor in Brazil, who has developed a special treatment. It takes some cells from here (your hip) and then relocates them”

Paul Pogba

A football player by profession, Paul Pogba is also known for his bizarre hairdos as much as he is known for his ridiculous football talent. One of his famous haircuts includes the Leopard Print hairstyle.

paul pogba leopard famous hairstyle

In this hairstyle, Paul Pogba sported a blonde-tipped Mohawk with leopard print shaved on the sides of his head.

Messi’s Short Layered Cut

Messi’s short hairstyle is one of his iconic football haircuts. The little magician has his own unique hairstyle and it looks amazing on him.

messi's short layered hairstyle

Ronaldo Man Bun

We didn’t expect this from Cristiano Ronaldo, knowing how particular he is with his appearance. But Ronaldo’s Man Bun turned out to be a very impressive hairstyle. He also used to re-do his hair at half time!

Ronaldo's man bun

Neymar Noodle Hairstyle

Neymar noodle hairstyle was one of the iconic football hairstyles in the 2018 World Cup. As Eric Cantona pointed out, the haircut looked like a bowl of spaghetti. But it’s not bad at all!

Neymar noodle haircut

Carles Puyol

Carles Puyol trademark long curly locks made his hairstyle one the famous football hairstyles and haircuts. Puyol is one of the best defenders football has ever seen and his hairstyle was also one of a kind.

carles puyol famous football hairstyles and haircuts

Andrea Pirlo Long Classic

One of the best midfielders of his time, Andrea Pirlo was a great footballer with a great trademark hairstyle. Andrea Pirlo Long Classic hairstyle is one of the iconic football hairstyles and haircuts and it is one of a kind.

Andrea Pirlo long classic hairstyle

Rene Higuita – Iconic and Famous Football Hairstyles

Colombian Goalkeeper, Rene Higuita hairstyle is considered as very strange yet one of the most famous football hairstyles. The long curly locks and his trademark moustache is unique and one of its own kind.

rene higuita famous hairstyle

With that, we conclude our list of famous football hairstyles and haircuts. Which one do you like the most? Let us know!