“He has an ego the size of the world and only thinks about himself” – Ex-Sporting boss SLAMS Cristiano Ronaldo

March 28, 2023

Former Sporting CP manager Manuel Jose has ripped apart Cristiano Ronaldo and accused him of being selfish and greedy.

During the FIFA World Cup in Qatar, Cristiano Ronaldo saw his influence of the Portuguese national team take a toll, as he was unable to have an impact. The coach at the time, Fernando Santos, left him on the bench for several games.

Under the new coach Roberto Martinez, the Al Nassr striker has regained his position in the starting XI. However, Jose reckons Martinez should make Cristiano Ronaldo realize his decreasing quality. The former Sporting manager also claimed that the Al-Nassr superstar has forgotten his roots.

“The coach has to have character and personality to make him realize some things: first his age, then that he’s representing a country and wearing the shirt of a country and the value it has, and then he has to give examples of humility.”

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“It’s impressive, but Cristiano has forgotten his origins.”

Ex-Sporting boss claims Cristiano Ronaldo is selfish and greedy

The former Sporting boss also claimed that Cristiano Ronaldo is greedy for money.

“He doesn’t know how to finish his career. It’s money and more money. ‘Fresh air’ would be if they took Ronaldo out of the national team. He behaved badly with Fernando Santos, with his colleagues and with the Portuguese.”

“He has a dollar sign in each eye, and Bruno Fernandes just told the truth and put him in his place.”

Jose also claimed that the Portuguese striker had a massive ego. He said:

“Ronaldo will go down in history as the greatest or one of the greatest scorers in world football. No one takes that away from you. Now he has an ego the size of the world and he only thinks about himself.”

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“On the field, it’s him, then him and then him again. He only thinks about himself and no one else. He still hasn’t been able to understand how old he is, that he is playing in a peripheral league and that he is no longer the Ronaldo of old times.”

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    This guy is an idiot

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