Cristiano Ronaldo’s elder brother could be JAILED for jersey sale scandal in a deal worth $538 million

May 25, 2023

Cristiano Ronaldo’s elder brother could reportedly face jail time for an alleged scam involving the Al-Nassr’s forward jersey sales. 

The Portuguese forward has been one of the most famous athletes in the world this century, and he commands a huge following worldwide. His jersey is one of the most-sold jerseys for an athlete, so the rights for his shirt are hotly contested. 

His brother Hugo Aveiro tried to capitalise on the Portuguese star’s huge following but appears to have landed himself in hot water.

Mr Aveiro owns a company called Mussara which signed a $538 million deal with Italian company Pegasus to distribute Ronaldo’s merchandise. Pegasus supervised the production and distribution of shirts online.

However, according to Sportskeeda, the problems began when the CR7 Museum logo replaced the Adidas logo on Ronaldo’s jerseys. So all jerseys with the Museum logo were termed fake, and Juventus had to confiscate  13,000 of these ‘fake’ jerseys.

Given that Hugo is also the manager of the CR7 Museum Pegasus named him as the brain behind the production of the fake jerseys. However, Hugo and his company Mussara denied that he authorised using the CR7 museum logo instead of Adidas; a claim Pegasus contests.

The Italian company also claimed that these same ‘fake’ jerseys were sold at the CR7 museum. 

Pegasus is now suing Hugo and his company Mussara, and the court date has been set for June 20 this year.

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