Cristiano Ronaldo Biography

Cristiano Ronaldo was born in Madeira, Portugal and spent his childhood in a small tin-roofed house. He is among the world’s famous soccer players and has a number of world records against his name while representing both Real Madrid and Manchester United.

Cristiano Ronaldo is considered among superstars of professional soccer and is undoubtedly one of the biggest names in the world of sports. Cristiano Ronaldo started his professional soccer career at the age of 18 and since then he emerged rapidly on the horizon of football as a true legend. Ronaldo has over 322 million followers in his social media accounts which is a sound proof that he is such a popular personality among people. Out of 322 million, 122 million fans are on Facebook, 129 million on Instagram and around 74 million on Twitter. If you are a fan then be sure to check out and download Ronaldo’s HD wallpapers.

Net Worth and Salary

Cristiano Ronaldo BiographyThe professional football skills of Cristiano Ronaldo not only brought him worldwide fame but also made him one of the richest soccer players across the globe. The recent list of Forbes claims that the total income of Ronaldo in the year 2017 was $93 million. They also claim that a major part of this income i.e. $58 million, came from Real Madrid in terms of salary and bonus. This much earning made Cristiano Ronaldo the highest-paid player in the football world. He carried on this record for four consecutive years. Ronaldo is also known as the highest-paid athlete of 2017. In the running year of 2018, Cristiano Ronaldo is third on the list since Lionel Messi and Floyd Mayweather have been paid more than him. Ronaldo took $61 million last year for his salary and bonuses while the overall earning was $108 million. Another amount of $47 million has been reported by Forbes which was made through endorsements.

Celebrity Net Worth reported that the net worth of Cristiano Ronaldo for the year 2017 is $400 million. They also reported that Ronaldo made a contract with Real Madrid through 2021 and according to this contract Ronaldo will take $50 million for each year.

The recent news claims that Cristiano Ronaldo is also involved in tax evasion; the reported amount in this regard is $14.7 million.

Cristiano Ronaldo – A Charitable Personality

Cristiano Ronaldo is a renowned charitable personality. He actively involves in multiple charity activities including “” which makes people aware of blood donation, and “Save the Children” which is a child refugee organization.

Cristiano Ronaldo Background

Unlike the current scenario, Ronaldo was once a poor boy in an early age. He was born on February 5, 1985, in Madeira, Portugal. The name of his mother is Maria Dolores dos Santos Aveiro while the name of his father is Jose Dinis Aveiro. With three siblings, two sisters and one brother, Ronaldo is the youngest in his family. Cristiano Ronaldo spent his childhood in the city of Funchal; his hometown is the Portuguese island of Madeira. He was born to a relatively poor family as his father was an equipment/garden manager and his mother was a cook. His childhood was spent in a poor Catholic home where he had to share his room with other three siblings. His father was fond of drinking and whenever he came back home from work he preferred sleeping only. His mother Maria was responsible for bringing simple clothes and foods for all he’s four children and she had to work all day for this.

During his school days, Cristiano Ronaldo attacked his school teacher with a chair and got expelled from the school. He was fond of football since his childhood. Therefore, at the age of eight only, Ronaldo joined Androrinha. He started becoming popular as a football kid player in Portugal at the age of ten only.

Professional Career

  • Manchester United signed him in 2003-04 for the first time. He emerged into club football in 2003 when he played against Manchester United in a UEFA Champions League.
  • Meanwhile, Cristiano Ronaldo also joined the national football team of Portugal. Ronaldo scored one goal in this World Cup but his team managed to play the semifinal.
  • Ronaldo is such a talented player that soon after the 2006 World Cup, in March 2007, he made a five-year contract of £120,000 a week.
  • 2009 made Cristiano Ronaldo the highest-paid soccer player when Real Madrid (Spanish giant) paid a huge amount of £80 million to Manchester United for this outstanding player.
  • In 2010, Portugal national football team played Football World Cup which was hosted by South Africa. But his fans couldn’t see stunning efforts from Ronaldo as Spanish football team knocked Portugal team out of the tournament in the round of 16 and Ronaldo could score only one goal.
  • 2013 was the lucky year for Ronaldo since he scored a total of 66 goals in 55 matches. He played these matches for both his national soccer team and Real Madrid. Ronaldo also earned “FIFA World Player of the Year” award in 2013 for the second time. This award was renamed in 2010 as “FIFA Ballon d’Or”.
  • In 2013 Real Madrid won UEFA Champions League and Cristiano Ronaldo was an integral part of the champion squad. Soccer fans also witnessed his outstanding performance in UEFA Champions League held in 2013-14 as Ronaldo was the top scorer for the second consecutive year. Portugal team couldn’t impress soccer fans in 2014 World Cup as they could not go beyond group stages. Ronaldo has a record of playing three consecutive World Cup tournaments for his country.
  • Ronaldo successfully managed his team taking to the European Championship final on July 10, 2016. The Portugal team played this final against France under his captaincy and won this tournament. Although he couldn’t manage to play this final game because of his knee injury and his name went out of the squad yet still Portugal team managed their victory with 1-0. It was the very first international trophy/victory for Portugal football team. His teammates honoured him by saying that they got motivation from Ronaldo.

World Records of Ronaldo

  • By getting 80 million pounds, Cristiano Ronaldo became the highest-paid player in football history in 2009 when Real Madrid signed him.
  • None of the football players has scored 60 or more goals in soccer history in any four consecutive calendar year except Ronaldo (from 2011 to 2014).

Ronaldo’s Girlfriends

Ronaldo has such a charming personality and gorgeous body that some of the most beautiful women fall in love with Ronaldo including but not limited to Paula Suarez, Paris Hilton, Irina Shayk and Kim Kardashian. But we couldn’t see any official marriage proposal from this soccer player and he never married to anyone.

  • Karina Ferro is a renowned model of Portugal. She has the honor of being associated with Cristiano Ronaldo as the very first woman in the world.
  • Jordana Jardel is the name we know as the very first girlfriend of Ronaldo and he publically admitted this fact. She was a Brazilian model; their love affair was at a peak in 2003.
  • Merche Romero is another well-known TV presenter and model in Portugal who was once a part of Ronaldo’s love life from January 2005 to September 2006.
  • Paris Hilton is a well-known public figure. This beauty queen was also seen involved in a love affair with this blooming football star soon after she broke up with Dough Reinhardt. This was a real short love story. They never spoke about their relationship in media.
  • Irina Shayk was the next name in this list; couple fell in love in 2010. It was a long love layer that continued for nearly five years and then they parted their ways in January 2015.
  • Kim Kardashian has also been spotted dating Cristiano Ronaldo when she was in Madrid on holidays in 2010. However, this love affair was also never accepted on media.

Ronaldo Family

He was 25 years old when he became a father and now he has four children which are a big family of course. The first addition to the Ronaldo family was in June 2010 when Cristiano Jr was born. The world still does not know that who is the mother of Ronaldo’s first child but everyone knows that Cristiano Jr. is an integral part of this star’s life.

In June 2017, when Cristiano Ronaldo came back home from the Confederations Cup, he became the father of twins and his family grew to three kids. Ronaldo regularly shows pictures of his twins along with Ronaldo Jr. on his Instagram page.

The fourth child of Cristiano Ronaldo is Alana, his daughter who is 7-month-old. The mother of this fourth child is Georgina, the current girlfriend of Ronaldo. Alana was born on November 12, 2017.

Although Cristiano Ronaldo has expressed earlier that he has a plan to have seven children yet it is still unknown when the family is planning to have their next baby.

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