12 Year Old Boy ‘Kicked Out Of School’ After Getting Ronaldo Haircut For World Cup

12 Year Old Boy 'Kicked Out Of School' After Getting Ronaldo Haircut For World Cup - resize 2

A boy has been kicked out of school after copying Ronaldo’s legendary World Cup haircut. This has outraged football fans all over the world.

This incident took place in England after 12 year old boy Alfie Ransom begged his mom to shave his head in order to have the same haircut as the legendary Brazilian striker Ronaldo. Alfie wanted to rock this haircut for the World Cup happening in Qatar and his mom finally fell into his demands.

However, his haircut did not go so well with his school, the Sirius West Academy. His mom, Emma claims that she was called by the school staff to say that her son was being sent home for breaching the school rules.

Ronaldo celebrates after scoring for Brazil in the World Cup final.

His mom said: “Nowadays, schools are all about accepting people for who they are and encouraging people to be unique and themselves. How is this any different? Ronaldo is one of my son’s favourite players and it’s the World Cup.”

“Even since I was a kid, there were always trends according to what pop stars and celebrities were doing- we would go crazy for the stars,” she added.

“Alfie’s friends loved the haircut and it made Alfie really happy and confident. He likes school and wanted to go as normal but he won’t be allowed to go back until he’s shaved it all off, which is ridiculous because it won’t affect his learning one bit.”

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