Alisha Lehmann: How the World’s Sexiest Footballer Conquered Aston Villa

May 14, 2023

In the world of sports, where grit and glamour often coalesce, one name radiates an extraordinary blend of both – Alisha Lehmann. This Swiss sensation, who has been making waves as an exceptional forward for Aston Villa, is not just known for her formidable prowess on the football pitch.

She’s a paragon of elegance, hailed globally as the world’s sexiest footballer, a title that, while intriguing, merely scratches the surface of her all-round persona. Lehmann’s journey is a symphony of talent, tenacity, and beauty, a melody that has found resonance with millions of fans worldwide.

Beyond the glare of the floodlights and the roar of the stadiums, she’s also a formidable presence off the field, an icon whose influence spans the realms of sports, fashion, and social media. This article delves into the captivating world of Alisha Lehmann, exploring her rise to stardom, her off-field life, and her enduring legacy.

Who is Alisha Lehmann?

Alisha Lehmann World's Sexiest Footballer
Instagram: alishalehmann7

Alisha Lehmann, a name that resonates with power and elegance in the world of football, is an enigma that goes beyond her status as a top-notch Aston Villa player. Known for her undeniable talent on the pitch and her strikingly attractive demeanor off it, Lehmann has become a beacon of inspiration, and not just in the world of sports.

This Swiss beauty is more than just a football player; she’s a brand, a role model, and a testament to the power of tenacity and glamour.

Born on January 21st, 1999, in the quiet Swiss town of Tägertschi, Lehmann’s journey to stardom was paved with grit, determination, and a burning passion for the game.

Alisha’s inspiration to play football came from her brother and two cousins, who she emulated as a child, eventually morphing into the professional footballer we admire today. Alisha Lehmann’s supportive family includes her brother, Marco Lehmann, and her sister, Shona Lehmann, who has amassed a significant following as a successful dancer and Instagrammer. Details about Alisha Lehmann’s parents remain private as no sources have reported on them to date.

Alisha Lehmann’s Football Career So Far

Alisha Lehmann World's Sexiest Footballer
IMAGO / NurPhoto

Inspired by her brother and cousins, Lehmann took her first steps in football at the tender age of five, joining the FC Konolfingen’s Youth Academy. Her journey continued, spanning from playing for BSC YB Frauen to West Ham United, with a loan spell at Everton, before ultimately becoming a vital part of Aston Villa.

Lehmann’s impact at Aston Villa has been nothing short of extraordinary. As a key player for the club, she has proved herself to be an invaluable asset, scoring crucial goals and contributing significantly to the team’s successes.

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Her performances at Aston Villa have not only affirmed her status as a top-tier football player but have also cemented her place in the hearts of the fans.

As a proud member of the Swiss national team since 2015, Lehmann has continually made significant contributions to the team. Her performance at the international level has not only brought pride to her home country but has also placed her in the upper echelons of female athletes worldwide.

Alisha Lehmann’s Life Outside Football

Alisha Lehmann World's Sexiest Footballer
Instagram: alishalehmann7

As captivating as she is on the field, Lehmann’s off-field life is equally intriguing. The Aston Villa player has built a commendable presence on social media platforms, particularly Instagram, where she boasts a following of over 13.1 million, making her the most-followed female footballer worldwide.

Her striking looks and vibrant personality have earned Lehmann numerous modeling opportunities, working with major brands such as Coca-Cola, Adidas, and Frisotrading.

The Swiss football player has not only been recognized as the 6th hottest female footballer but has also featured in the BBC Three series, “Britain’s Youngest Football Boss,” providing fans a sneak peek into her personal life.

Alisha Lehmann’s Love Life

Alisha Lehmann and Ramona Bachmann kissing

In the past, Alisha, who once identified as a lesbian, has been involved in relationships with both men and women. Currently, she is commonly recognized as a bisexual individual.

Lehmann’s courage to openly embrace her bisexuality has resonated with many, marking her as a role model for those grappling with their own identities. Her approach to life and her professional player career embodies her Aquarian traits—strength, rebelliousness, and a revolutionary outlook.

Alisha Lehmann’s love life has also been a topic of interest for many. Openly bisexual, Lehmann has been linked with some of the most glamorous football WAGs, adding an extra layer of intrigue to her already fascinating persona.

Her romantic saga witnessed a significant chapter when she fell for Ramona Bachmann, a teammate on the field from Switzerland, as she embarked on her journey with West Ham in the Women’s Super League.

Contrary to expectations, Bachmann’s loyalty to Chelsea, the arch-rival of Aston Villa, didn’t cast a shadow over their love story. Their romance blossomed, undeterred by the echo of competitive roars on the pitch, cultivating a narrative of love in the backdrop of rivalry.

This captivating romantic story was even featured in the BBC Three documentary, “Britain’s Youngest Football Boss,” underlining their unique narrative.

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However, like all tales, theirs too reached an unexpected twist when they decided to part ways in 2021. Shortly after, Alisha’s heart found solace in the arms of Douglas Luiz, a star player of Aston Villa’s men’s team. Their steamy romance was made public through an intimate Instagram story of a shared kiss in 2021.

Unfortunately, their connection, while passionate, lacked the enduring essence of time. Luiz was smitten by Alisha from their very first encounter. However, the tension emerged when Alisha’s desire to maintain her independence clashed with Luiz’s discomfort over his partner’s sensual public image.

The decision to pose for a calendar sparked further disagreement, with Luiz expressing his dissatisfaction with Alisha’s choice to flaunt her allure. This led to heated disputes, eventually pushing Alisha to her breaking point, as per a reliable source’s revelation.

Alisha Lehmann and Douglas Luiz’s relationship, unfortunately, didn’t withstand the test of time, ending in 2022 before they could commemorate their first anniversary. The end of their relationship added another colorful, albeit bitter, stroke to Alisha’s vibrant romantic tapestry.

Alisha Lehmann Instagram & Other Social Media

Alisha Lehmann’s influence extends far beyond the confines of the football pitch. She has cultivated a substantial presence on social media, amassing millions of followers on platforms like Instagram.

Her posts, which often showcase her training routines, glamorous photoshoots, and glimpses of her love life, have made her a fan favorite, not just among football enthusiasts, but also among those who appreciate her candor and authenticity.

Alisha Lehmann’s Net Worth

Alisha Lehmann World's Sexiest Footballer
Instagram: alishalehmann7

Lehmann’s success on and off the field has resulted in a significant net worth, which includes her earnings from her football career, modeling contracts, and brand endorsements.

Additionally, she has a fondness for luxury cars and is known to have an impressive collection that includes several high-end sports cars including Audi Q7, McLaren F12, and Mercedes AMG s63.

As of 2023, the net worth of Alisha Lehmann is gauged to be around $2 million, a substantial sum indeed. That said, a few reports suggest an even more impressive potential worth nearing $5 million.

Alisha Lehmann Tattoos & Meaning

Alisha Lehmann World's Sexiest Footballer
Instagram: alishalehmann7

In the constellation of female football footballers, Alisha Lehmann stands out, her body adorned with a series of tattoos that trace a unique pattern across her skin. These custom tattoos reside on her neck, gently hug her throat, wind down her forearm, and descend along her leg.

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Embarking on a closer inspection, we find an intriguing curation of ink etched into various parts of Alisha’s body. Her hip is home to an ethereal butterfly, while her forearm serves as a canvas for a blossoming flower.

Ascending towards her throat, one encounters yet another floral imprint, delicate and small. Then there is the diamond shimmering on her ankle, and the distinct numerical identity – “99”, etched on one side of her neck.

On the opposing side, a commanding message finds its place: “BE BRAVE”. It’s more than just ink. It’s an inscription of courage, a reminder to face every challenge head-on, a mantra that adds a layer of strength to Alisha’s already formidable personality.

Images: Alisha Lehmann, World’s Sexiest Footballer


Is Alisha Lehmann in FIFA 23?

Yes, indeed! Alisha Lehmann’s exceptional skills on the pitch have not been overlooked by the creators of FIFA 23. She’s part of the in-game roster, enabling fans to emulate her agile dribbling, swift pace, and precise shooting in the virtual football world. Her FIFA 23 card has an overall 81 rating.

How old is Alisha Lehmann?

Born on January 21, 1999, Alisha Lehmann is 24 years old as of 2023. Despite her relatively young age, she has already managed to impress the football world with her technical proficiency and uncanny knack for goal-scoring.

Where is Alisha Lehmann from?

Alisha Lehmann hails from the picturesque country of Switzerland. Born and raised in the small town of Tägertschi, she has taken her talent to the international stage, setting a sterling example for young Swiss footballers aspiring to make a name in the sport.

How tall is Alisha Lehmann?

Alisha Lehmann stands at a height of approximately 1.65 meters (5 feet 4 inches). While she may not be the tallest player on the field, she makes up for it with her agility, speed, and strategic play, proving that in football, technique and skill often outrank sheer physical stature.


As a trailblazer in football, Alisha Lehmann is more than just the ‘world’s sexiest footballer.’ She has challenged stereotypes, broken barriers, and continues to inspire countless young women around the world.

Alisha is a remarkable individual whose influence reaches far beyond the football field. Her beauty, talent, and tenacity have made her a global icon, a role model, and most importantly, an inspiration for young female athletes around the world.

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