Top 5 World Cup Matches Of All Time

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As a fan of soccer, you are probably aware that Qatar is set to be hosting the FIFA World Cup this year in 2022. It’ll begin on November 21st. It is an event that has always brought excitement to many, and with the next season on the horizon, we want to remember some of the best moments. 

The soccer odds are probably at the forefront of your mind, so, as we consider this next FIFA season, let’s think about the previous ones, as we are sure that the best way to make a good prediction now, is to have knowledge of what happened in the past.

The Best Matches Of All Time

FIFA World Cup is the biggest sporting tournament in the world with over one billion tunning in to watch the final. The matches are between the best teams and best players. Lets see the top 5 Best FIFA World Cup matches of all time. 

You may think of other ones, but these are the ones that we think absolutely trump the competition altogether and will be remembered for years to come. 

1. Germany Vs Brazil2014

The best game of all time has to be the Germany – Brazil game in 2014. It was a spectacle for anyone who witnessed it. It saw the hosts of that game – Brazil, get absolutely thrashed at 7 to 1 in the Semifinals on their home grounds. 

Germany just swam so peacefully past Brazil. They were already up by 5 to nothing at half-time. At least Brazil got that 1, 7 to nothing would have been worse. 

Brazil had this defeat become something of a memoir as it was their first competitive game home defeat in nearly 4 decades. This was a very sad and emotional moment for the home fans watching their team lose in this fashion. Of course, Germany did well, they defeated Argentina and took home the 2014 World Cup. 

2. West Germany Vs Italy1970

This match became titled the “Game of the Century”. It was noted as being one of the greatest games in Soccer history. This was the semifinal match in the 1970s World Cup. 

Italy was winning, right up to the 90th minute of the game, then the Germans simply said ‘no’, and equalized the game. After this, it was just a wondrous scoring frenzy as Germany snagged 5 goals in the extra time they had. 

Muller scored only 4 minutes into the extra time, giving Germany a lead. However, goals from Bergnich and Riva gave Italy their win back. Muller scored at 110 minutes before Rivera sealed the game and Italy won.

3. Italy Vs Brazil1982

Italy faced Brazil in the finals of 1982, this was the last between these two teams, and unlike our no.1 greatest match, Brazil had taken their previous match up at home. They had defeated Italy 4 to 1 previously, but this time was different. 

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Italy got revenge for their last match, and they defeated Brazil in a close 3 to 2. 

Rossi sealed the win with a hat-trick, and Azzuri completed the whole World Cup series by winning every match in that year’s competition, which was quite the achievement.

4. England Vs West Germany1966

The English see football as the main sport for their nation and in 1966 they faced Germany in the finals. This was an intense match that saw England beat Germany to win their first (and their only ever) World Cup to this date. 

The 3 Lions were led by Bobby Moore. The match was at a tie, 2 to 2 when Hurst scored an impressive brace in the 101st minute and again in the 120th minute leading to England taking home the World Cup on their own home turf of Wembley against West Germany.

5. Spain Vs Netherlands2014

Spain entered their match against the Netherlands as champions, defending their World Cup title. Yet, they were humiliated in this match against the Netherlands. At 5-1 in favor of the Netherlands, Spain was defeated. 

It is regarded as one of the best matches in the World Cup of all time, as it was just such a savage defeat for the defenders. 

Alonso opened the scoring up through a penalty, however, the Netherlands hit hard after this as braces from Robin, Persie, and goals by Vrij made the line of scoring rise. 

Top 5 World Cup Matches Of All Time - robin van persie header

This game is also remembered thanks to Persie’s headed goal that gave him the nickname ‘The Flying Dutchman’.